"Birds of a feather flock together"

Looking for fellow-travellers? Well, help is at hand. E2 has people from all walks of life, with many diverse interests, and some of them do flock together in clumps. Or flocks, whatever. The point is, there are people out there who share your interests. To join a usergroup, pick your "feather", /msg the person in charge and sign up!

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We are also considering adding a column for "Type" - discussion, social - that sort of thing. Ideas appreciated.

Name of group Description Run by
anime/manga   atesh
bakufu For noders familiar with Japanese language and culture. They shall meditate on the great questions of noding things Japanese on E2. Anything you send to them will come back smaller, better and cheaper. sekicho
BAP Boston Alcohol Posse. Kill only the stragglers. Let the strong ones live. We pity the Wonkoalition, mock your measly hangovers, and humiliate you with dump truck hazing rituals. We get wicked retahded. donfreenut
beergogglers Drinkers, brewers, apologists, fanatics. Beer! wertperch
Bipolars Are you, or a close friend or loved one, bipolar? Then you're welcome. We aim to support, encourage, and enlighten one another as we all try to muddle through our day-to-day lives while coping with an illness that can be a really big pain in the ass. Mitzi
BOINCers Share your spare CPU cycles! Work for Science. Join us! wertperch
britnoders Coordinating UK-centric activity on the site: noding of British culture, its icons, idioms, idiosyncacies, and inveterate infamous idiots; nodermeet organisation. Tea and Real Ale. Teiresias
bush telegraph A gossip circle for Australians. La petite mort
Carnivorze2 People who are not afraid to consume protein from sources other than plants - sharing recipes and defending themselves. drownzsurf
christians A group of noders who have sincerely and publicly declared that they are Christian - according to their own lights and the teachings of their church, they have placed their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. dann
circusfreaks So you have some circus skills? Juggling, tumbling, that sort of thing. This could be the place for you. Lady_Day
deviousnoders Devotees of the deviantart.com website. An eye for art and photography helps, good critique too. Professor Pi
distractednoders - This is a usergroup for friends/family/noders with ADD or ADHD. To share advice, stories, or OOH! SHINEY!! bishopred1
e^2 Originally a proper subset of the e2science group (e^2 ⊂ e2science), it's full of maths and people who are fascinated by maths. N-Wing
E2Anthology "Us E2ians am all bigshot author types. Us make book, get rich, score chicks" - writing an anthology. Arviragus
e2armory Apolitical discussion of the technology, art and science of firearms large and small. Chase
e2Arts Interested in graphic, fine and applied arts? Anything from classical realist painting to pinstriping through sculpture. Join us... Whiskeydaemon
e2azeroth This usergroup is for players of World of Warcraft to discuss all facets of the game. MightyMooquack
e2biography Dedicated to setting the standards for biographies on E2, both through their writing, and their constructive criticism of others' work. shimmer
e2books Books! From children's classics like Wind in the Willows to the grown-up's Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! It's all here, Far From the Madding Crowd and The Dark Elf Trilogy. If books are your thing, and you want to discuss them, share your thoughts and share in others' joy, this is the place. TanisNikana
e2buckeyes Ohio-based usergroup. Nora
e2classics   Mortice
e2comix The scope includes comic books of all types: superhero yarns, the underground press, Japanese manga, and many others. They discuss comics both new and old, the latest developments in the industry, announce and feed back on new comics-related nodes, make dumb jokes and geek out. Timeshredder
e2cyclists Two wheels better than four? Or none? If your cycle is powered by you, whether a penny farthing or a sports bike, apply here. Albert Herring
E2Fashion Discussion of dress fashion, in theory, history and the present alk214
E2feminists Open to feminists of all stripes and genders. mad girl's love song
e2film A usergroup for cinema lovers, film reviewers, and all noders who really dig the celluloid arts. Walter
e2furries   sofacoin
e2GAF Goth As Fuck. And don't you forget it. sofacoin
e2geo$ E2 geocache group. Geo-cash, geddit? hunt05
e2go e2go is a community of players of the ancient game called Go (also called weiqi in China or baduk in Korea.) This usergroup was created for the purpose of discussing strategy, arranging games on various online servers, and naturally, discussing Go nodes. All are welcome to join, newbies and shodan's alike. Augustine
e2hardware For discussions around computer hardware, no less! avalyn
e2health If you have a question about the proper maintenance of a vegetarian diet, then e2health is where you should turn. Everything from drugs to contacts lenses... briglass
e2heroes Heroes of E2, dedicated to Truth, Justice, and the Everythingian Way in the City of Heroes, a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game. Create your own superheroes and help patrol the city! Jet-Poop
e2history The usergroup for those interested in writing about and discussing history, and highlighting new historical nodes to one another. Noung
e2hockey Somewhere for E2 hockey fans to talk hockey, to nodevertise our hockey writeups, to console each other artman2003
e2Hons This group exists to nodevertise Marylandia, to coordinate gatherings of people from Baltimore and central Maryland, and to discuss ideas for more silly entries to the list above. momomom
e2horror Dedicated to improving the presence of horror and dark fantasy on E2, as well as spreading related news and interesting tidbits to members. Lucy-S
e2humour A usergroup dedicated to all things funny. There's a lot of poor, lonely, neglected, non-McFlurry related writeups on E2 that are quite funny. They shamelessly nodevertise them, and fill your Message Inbox. bol
e2israelis   da-x
e2janes Got a question, or need advice for a military-themed writeup? Perhaps you need help identifying a specific piece of hardware or are looking for some background information. Anything from bombers to boomers can be discussed here, but please leave politics at the door. archiewood
e2Joss For fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Serenity and all other projects by multi-hyphenate Joss Whedon. Walter
e2ks Everything, Kansas: A Manifesto Roninspoon
e2law A group of lawyers and law students, or those interested in the law. We do not give legal advice, however Posmella
e2lefties For noders actively interested in left-wing political thought, discussion and activities. Andrew Aguecheek
e2Lodge For the discussion of magic in its various incarnations. If you're new to the arts or an old hand, this group is for the discussion of the theory, practice, and concepts of magic futilelord
e2LUG A Linux Users Group for Everything2, catering for Linux users, developers, enthusiasts and newbies. We aim to give help to newbies (because newbies are the future etc), friendliness to the experienced users and a goddamn good hiding to trolls, flamebaiters and idiots. 3Suns
E2Medicine Encourage the addition and improvement of all information related to health and the human body on Everything2. It is a forum to share ideas, get more information, seek help, announce new medical nodes, and in general forward the cause of medical noding on E2 in any way possible. Chark
E2metal A usergroup for noders who like metal music of all kinds. Wolfang
e2mtg A gathering place. For Magic the Gathering buffs. allseeingeye
e2music A group for people who love music, whether listening to, making, discussing or noding. Whether you already know everything there is to know or you want help finding new stuff to listen to, consider joining. RPGeek
e2muslims e2muslims is a usergroup for Muslim noders but we welcome messages from non-Muslims who seek knowledge or have any questions about Islam. amnesiac
e2nordic The e2nordic usergroup is for discussion among noders with an interest in the Nordic countries. liveforever
E2Pagans A place to discuss and learn about Paganism in all its forms. Everyone welcome. wiccanpiper
e2pandas A usergroup for people who like nerding over (or bitching about) linguistics, english usage, punctuation, and giving each other writing feedback. Named after "eats, shoots and leaves". oakling
e2parents For discussion of parenting issues - not to say there isn't a humorous side to that! graceness
e2photo   SharQ
e2philosophy ...is for users to nodevertise new or found philosophy writeups and news. creases
e2picure For e2's chefs and gourmands. La petite mort
e2prairie The strong, good-looking, mostly above-average noders of Illinois and its environs. Remember: THE INTERNET IS FOR CORN! LaggedyAnne
e2prose   Demeter
E2pschology   Bitriot
e2religion For anyone interested in the discussion and documentation of religious topics on E2. All welcome. Tiefling
e2science To provide help and support for people writing science on Everything2, as well as to help co-ordinate projects like the indexing of science which are too big for any one individual. Oolong
e2scifi A group of science fiction fans, for the best in science fiction writing. sirspens
e2sports A group for noders who like scoring, tag teams, tight ends, big balls, holding, swinging, and water sports. kthejoker
e2Tolkien To discuss and encourage interest in the life and works of the late Professor J.R.R. Tolkien, C.B.E. From The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings onward. Speak Elvish? nine9
e2tv The corner of Everything2 where we node about and discuss the world of television - from the shows themselves to the technology and the characters depicted within them. Discussion about news in the industry and specific episodes of our favorite shows. Join if you want to talk TV, node TV, or just know whenever a new TV-related writeup hits E2. Servo5678
e2verse E2 verse and poetry writers' group Demeter
e2wap Discussion on the availability of E2 on WAP JayBonci
E2Wrestling   Rimrod
e2Wykehamists A usergroup for present and past members of Winchester College. We're a busy social usergroup and since what we say wouldn't make much sense to an outsider there wouldn't be much point in joining, even if we would have you. BaronWR
Earth2 From treehugging to hightech, a usergroup about the environment, humans, and how the two can get along. Tem42
eh2 ...is for Canadian noders creases
English2 If English is your second language, we're interested in hearing from you! rootbeer277
Ersilians A group of noders who seek special amusement from the softlinks of E2, it ws formed to facilitate the play of HipBone Games in the E2 context. Ouroboros
EveryGame EveryGame is a proposal for an Everything-powered site to 'spin off' the video games coverage on E2. This group has been set up to allow noders interested in this proposal to discuss how it can be implemented. fondue
fencingnoders They're here, and have weapons. Hopefully this will create some good discussion, and also maybe set up an impromptu fencing duel in YOUR neck of the woods. RimRod
freedomforum A forum for those with more conservative viewpoints, who value the freedoms of speech, religion, the press, and enterprise, and understand how important the sacrifice was made in our behalf for those, and mustn't be stifled. drownzsurf
gearheads Sure the world is running out of fossil fuels. But we still have to get to the nodermeets, and it's best to do it quickly. We're the gearheads of everything2, and we like cars, classic cars, racing cars, and more cars. If you love the automobile and noding, we want you! Transitional Man
GrayPanthers A gathering of the more mature noders. For all those grey in the muzzle, glad to be gray.... drownzsurf
greenfingers Dedicated to growing things - garden and farm interests. DejaMorgana
Horace Phair Horace Phair is seasonally active, that season coinciding with the weekend(s) around Columbus Day. ideath
iNode Apple computer discussion group ascorbic
karhukopla Karhukopla on suomalainen käyttäjäryhmä. Ryhmän tarkoitus on sopia kuka haluaa kirjoittaa mistäkin, jotta vältetään samasta aiheesta toisistaan tietämättä kirjoittaminen. vuo
Kneipe For German-speaking noders, to drink Schnaps and plan the most efficient way to node things German on E2. Siobhan
lawg Noders in Lafayette, West Lafayette, and The Greater Lafayette Area, Indiana. wuukiee
le2rati ...is for readers of literature. creases
lonestars For those Texas noders. dann
Lowlanders Discussion group for those attending the Living it up in the Lowlands - an international Dutch nodermeet. sloebertje
MOOers It's for people who MOO. The users in the group are from LambdaMOO, so you could theoretically say it is for LambaMOOers. etoile
Mornington Crescent For the players of the game. And silliness. wertperch
musicmakers "We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams." ... dem bones & the boys digitally mixing music. dem bones
mutants The first usergroup, they're just dem bones' friends. Included for historical reasons, and completeness, time machine required to join. dem bones
mythos Users who node mythology, folklore and related projects, particularly material listed in the Mythos set of nodes. Laura Elizabeth
nanowrimo For anyone interested in National Novel Writing Month. misuba
nascar   Nero
natrix A group of 'newbie' (L4 or less) noders aged 18 or younger at time of joining, who will critique and proof-read young newbies' drafts. Posmella
ninjagirls So much cooler than normal girls, cause they throw ninja stars and wear black leather. They don't hardly like girly flower stuff at all, unless it's like a trick to put a guy off his guard so they can kill him. Princess Loulou
NoCal Noder focus on the San Francisco Bay Area. NoCal enjoys meeting other noders, and taking them out for drinks. grundoon
nodahs A group focused on planning E2 gatherings in the Boston area. cahla
nódóirí The Irish contigent of E2 ryano
northern footlights Invitation-only discussion group grundoon
NWesters Includes noders from the region sometimes known as Cascadia. Although we are not necessarily a radical secessionist group, we also don't think it's a totally terrible idea. Pseudo_Intellectual
nynvb You live in New York? Want to get together, maybe go drinking till dawn? Tell us. It's your birthday? Tell us. Announcment group only. Yossarian
Oui! French-language and France-related discussions. LeoDV
outies "Out" Everythingians - gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered/questioning noders! wiccanpiper
PDXCB The Portland Conspiratorial Board, which is for planning excursions and whatnot. See also PDX. ideath
pirateboys The male equivalent of ninjagirls, supposively. grundoon
planetmovers A group of fantasy writers working in a collaborative setting. Results will be posted in an E2 anthology sometime in the near future. DejaMorgana
recipe Announcement list for those cooking types, who node food. anthropod
rivetheads For discussion of modern industrial music and its subgenres. avalyn
rockbots For the members of E2's globe-conquering rock band, Nanobot Deathmatch QXZ
RPGers DIscussion group for those interested in role-play gaming - and the noding thereof. Tiefling
SchoolDaze For teachers and educators. The Debutante
scissorpeople secret hidden history prose posse conform
sexe2 ...is a friendly sex-positive environment for discussion on adult themes. creases
Snowfolk For noders in the Twin Cities/Minnesota area RACECAR
SoCal Noders in Southern California, and those interested in what's going on there. panamaus
swankybitches A group of BAP members thinking of having a party with complex cocktails at some point. That's about it. The Custodian
Team Better Team Better is dedicated to the creation of improved factual writeups to bring old, E1 style writeups closer to the level of style and length currently expected from Everything2's writeups. mjijm
tigers University of Missouri - Columbia students usergroup CrAzE
transmetroids Regarding Transmetropolitan spiderjerusalem
typos The slect crew of Typo Death Squad. loquacious
veggie2 Discussion for vegans and vegetarians alike. avalyn
VideoGames Noding and discussing the world of video games - the games themselves, the technology behind them and the characters depicted. Servo5678
WAG WAG is a social usergroup with the general topic of relationships, all may join. The group name is actually an acronym for "whining about girls". passport
Wordsmiths If you find pleasure in the arrangement of letters upon a board and moan in delight when you get that triple word score, or get the shakes when you skip your daily crossword puzzle, do yourself a favor. Join our letter-hugging usergroup. machfive
StoryTime There are people who love to tell stories. These folks tell them in the catbox. Join them if you have a yen for fireside-style tales. Around the fires throughout the years, people have shared tales and experiences. StoryTime is a gathering place for the spinn,ers of yarns and tellers of tales. Many take place in the chatterbox, and who knows, but that one evening you may be caught up in the magic of their stories. Zephronias
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