Attention Babylon 5 Fans

"It's a deal, it's a steal, it's the sale of the fucking century" - Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
I was shopping today in Bromley, London and in the 1 pound shop I saw a stack of Babylon 5 videos all for, you guessed it, £1. Each video was plastic wrapped inside a genuine case. They had all the videos except for:
  • Volume 5
  • Volume 10-13
  • Volume 29
  • Video 4.04
  • Video 4.10
  • Video 5.05
  • Video 5.08-5.11
If you would like any of these videos I can procure them for you. Basically if you live in London you can either go to the shop yourself (msg me and I'll give you directions) or get me to buy them and then meet up with me. If you are in the UK but not in London then I am happy to buy them for you and ship them - I haven't had time to find out costs, the cheaper you find, the cheaper you get - just tell me the ones you want.

They were a large amount in stock so they should be available for the next week of two but no guarantees. I bought all 38 that they had for a friend and I consider this an astonishing offer.

so, no shit, there i was...don't all the best stories start that way....slumped on the anti-couch in my mother's new house dressed like an australian pop star, drinking diet cherry 7up, and listening to harvey danger. i live in a very weird world. a world in which one can find vegetarian tamales, and feel at peace because mom thinks the erotic fiction you've been writing is cool.

i made a cd for my grandmother for xmas; called it 'the danceable jesus compendium'. i didn't know i owned that much vnv nation until i went looking for some good christian industrial. i have to show my nana that all freakishly loud music is not bad. what can i say? i haven't been sleeping or eating really well lately, and it seemed like a good idea at the time. current project: rip as much of my music collection as i can over break, so i can make good mixes totally at random next semester.

oh, yes, and write as much _good_ erotic fiction as i can force out of my fingers, in the hopes that i can get some published for cash, as opposed to the amateur forum i publish to now. (no, not here.)

i met a nice boy -- i mean it. a virginal bishounen with synaesthetic tastes similar to my own. what an inspiration! i've been making music again! *shrug* maybe i'll make something worthwhile this time... and yes, Starrynight, he's even prettier than you. which is not to say i love you any less...

Danceable Jesus Compendium:
1. vnv nation : genesis
2. einsturzende neubauten : the garden
3. robyn hitchcock : serpent at the gates of wisdom
4. jars of clay : flood
5. robyn hitchcock : intro to eyes
6. front line assembly : silent ceremony
7. kmfdm : mysterious ways
8. depeche mode : blasphemous rumours
9. laibach : jesus christ superstar
10. vnv nation : beloved
11. new model army : i love the world
12. covenant : one world, one sky
13. coil : rosa decidua
14. vnv nation : further
15. nick cave : death is not the end
(yeah, some of it's questionable, or at least in questionable taste, but it sounds good...)

w00t! i met my first noder today yesterday, really: xunker. we went out to sanctuary and had a blast, i'm happy to have helped someone discover the joys of clubbing. he was surprised that i know who cabaret voltaire is. oldskool industrial ownz, y0. and we have planned to do this again, even if there is no utah and environs nodemeet. rock the fuck on! also, i am in love with xunker's car mp3 player. that is all.

don't bitch about the lack of caps, this and my homenode are the only places i can get away with it :p

A lot to do today, I wake up around 9am. I saw The Lord of The rings movie last night for the second time, and still found it good. But I have no desire to see it again soon. Twice was enough.

Claremont’s shopping district on a baking hot summer Saturday morning in the height of tourist season, only days before Christmas, can best be described as merrie hell. None the less I did all that I set out to, and left without stressing unduly. The travel agent was helpfull, but suggested that I wait untill january before buying an air ticket. Ja well no fine, but it leaves me without that feeling of I'm definitely going, my ticket is booked and paid for that I wanted, in order to solidify my conviction.

I spend R488 on groceries, which I am fairly sure is an all-time record for me, but I was having fun, because the selection of fruits and vegetables at this time of year is really great, and I felt like treating myself. The cherries were great. It really is absurd to eat midwinter stuff like Christmas cake, Christmas pudding and mince pies now even if they are traditional. I mean, think about the ingredients – they are made out of bloody dried fruit and other preserves, and are traditional because they appropriate to cook if you are snowbound and last saw fresh fruit and vegetables 3 months ago. Meanwhile I'm back home, sweating in shorts and a t-shirt, eating a slice of the christman cake that my aunt gave me (can't throw it away now can I), and a mince pie. The lawn needs watering again or it will go brown.

I like mince pies, and would eat them any time of year. The rest is just carbo-bombs covered in an inch of sugar, and the reason why I’m finding it harder to keep slim right now. But hey, for the next week this is holiday season, I’ll loosen up a little.

The boss called me whilst I was at the hardware store – my software changes on Friday had dislodged something, and there were exceptions in the log. I was expecting something like that - it was the largest software change I had done in weeks, and I knew that there would be inevitable repercussions even though I had tested the success cases and most common failure modes. Notwithstanding, being called out made me feel pissed off and stressed again.

I went out there an hour later, ready to do battle with the code for an hour or so. The company is a small one, but we are contracted to a large engineering concern, on their premises, with factory and all. The security people know my face by now, so they let me in to the complex, but our office was locked, with the key nowhere to be found. My boss must still have it, and if he is on schedule, he is most likely boarding a flight to New Zealand by now. Aargh.

I managed to contact him (in the departure lounge) a few hours later. It turns out that he had deputised a friend to drop of the key, and she had seen no urgency in this (which is fair enough, this was before the program started throwing null pointer exceptions).

After supper, around 7pm I drove out. Security had the key, and within 15 minutes I had fixed the bug. It turned out to be obvious (gotta love java exceptions giving you a complete stack trace), and not serious, just a failure mode when the upstream server was offline was not properly handled, resulting in trying to read an error code from a non-existent response packet. The upstream server had in the meanwhile come back on line, so the error was not being exhibited, and everything was ticking over, if a rather slow day for business.

After I had tested, checked in, and updated, rebuilt and restarted the live site, I stayed in the office for half an hour, watching the logs whilst reading slashdot and other stuff online, hoping that someone would log on and buy, just to put my mind at ease. But it was not to be. It was almost entirely dark when I left.

I will check the logs again when I surface tomorrow, after the party tonight and some sleep.

Christmas shopping is just buying things for other people that you really want for yourself but would never actually buy

So I did it. For the first, I went out and bought presents for some people. I've probally screwed myself by now by never buying anyone anything, but I guess we'll see.

At Toys-R-Us (which is actually an Illuminati front-operation..those evil bastards) I bought a metal bead necklace craft set and a big book (365 Things To Do) for Kayla, the daughter of this evil scorpio girl I dated years ago, and remained sorta friends with. Kayla's eight now, and besides having the usual fecal fixation most kids have at that age, is pretty cool. Her mom on the other hand..I bought Jasmine a book, The Gryphon In Which The Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Is Rediscovered, by Nick Bantock. This is an amazing little book (should be, for $20) which is told by a series of postcards and letters, which are affixed to the pages. It's prolly wasted on Jasmine..I may just give her this little box I bought at Pier One, or one of the bottles of Georges Dubueof wine I got at the liquor store. Whatever. For the father, who is far too rich and picky for me ever to find anything satisfactory for, another bottle of wine and my company for Christmas eve if he wants it. Mom gets some little dragonfly candle holders from Pier One as well.

Julie. I havent talked to her since she left for the I daylogged the other day, its a situation I'm not too thrilled about. I bought her Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson. Figured it'd be a pick me up (grim laugh). And a little jewelry box thingie from Pier One. All this went on my gold card, and will prolly be paid off in time for next christmas.

I better get some cool stuff, but if not, the guilt will be satisfactory enough.

Well, things have been pretty chaotic today:

- We had a family party for lunch and opened up our presents. My nephew loved what I got for him. The race car and trailer was exactly what he wanted. He makes noises to mimic the doppler sound of a highly-tuned car passing.

- I didn't get to talk to the girl in France. We've already connected after only four straight hours of talking with each other. She already misses me, as I do her.

- I also didn't get to talk with a local girl. I'm hoping something can happen - at least something fun. I need to get out more.

- No more Christmas shopping, no more worrying about what to get people. How nice. Now this can be a real vacation.

- Skating for tomorrow is cancelled. My friend recently caught a cold. I was looking forward to finally skate on real ice after so many years. I even went to a local skate shop for advice on what to do with the skates. Apparently, they're in great condition without the need to sharpen them.

- After a year or so, I finally went back to the place where I did my internship. It was good to see them again, though somewhat awkward. I'm glad they still exist.

Some rambling in my head that the intended recipient will never read about..
Why, why the hell did you choose that <term politically_correct="no">pussy</term> of a guy? I can understand if it's not me, but look at him, he's a fucking obnoxious dog-on-a-leash who you bring along with you to be fucking cute so you'd be entertained.

Well damn, of course I'm jealous. He as the man for the rest of your life? Yeah right. Get a puppy. At least puppies won't someday end up being bored with you and start ignoring you.

But what the hell do I know? Maybe he's not like that when you're alone with him. Maybe he doesn't walk his pretentious walk and doesn't act his 6-year-old-oh-look-at-me-I'm-such-a-cute-child wannabe act that you never seem to notice. Or maybe that's all you want, a stupid puppy to follow you around and be cute.

Should I be jealous? You are happy, I'm not, and I don't want you to be happy when I'm not. That's the selfish truth. But if it only takes obnoxiousness to make you happy, then I hope you'll be happy, and I hope I can be happy when I realize what it means that I had not ended up being a dog-on-a-leash.

I woke up this morning, went to the kitchen and poured myself a cup of ambition. A little cream and an Equal made it taste just perfect and I was greatful for this. Today was going to be a rough day.

I had just returned home for Christmas and the day I arrived my friend Sean's mother passed away. It was somewhat expected becasue she was sick for a long time, but to have her die the week before Christmas was extremely depressing. I have known Sean and his family for seven years so it was quite sad to see her go.

So this morning I went to the funeral with the family and you could tell everyone was just waiting for the open bar at the reception. I sat with Sean and his brother Tom at the dinner later and we pounded Irish Coffee's while reminiscing about when we were in high school. Needless to say, I got a little buzz going on, and when I left a couple hours later, well let's just say, that was just the beginning of complete drunken madness.

I met my friend Brad at his house a little while after I left the reception and we just took shots of Blackhaus. We were going to see this band called Townhall from Philadelphia, and wanted to get pretty loaded beforehand so we wouldn't have to spend loads of money at the bar. I was practically obliviated by the time we got there and it made Townhall's set even more intense. They played for about an hour and after their set I went and sat down at one of the tables on the side of the bar. A few minutes went by and I was so wasted that I put my head down on the table to rest and passed out. Brad came over every once in a while to check on me and I would wake up in a daze and throw in a clap or two and tell him I was fine. Then, clunk, back on the table.

Two hours later I woke up, the last band was just finishing their set and Brad just stared at me and laughed. The best part of the whole endeavour was having some random stranger come over and ask me how my nap was. Classic Kodak moment, that's all that can be said. The next day I had a hangover from hell, and was in bed all day. You got to love puking when there is nothing left in your stomach and all you want to do is drink a gallon of water but you know you can't because the tummy is mad at you.

I just wish I could have gotten a picture of me sleeping at the bar, that would have been the icing on the cake.

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