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Another animal related dream.. I wonder what is behind these. The fact that I have never owned a pet? That has never bothered me in the real world..
This dream (like all others of mine) was created by my twisted imagination and subconscious, no drugs involved. :)

I was in a zoo with my family. I had a feeling I didn't really want to be there, and they had practically forced me to take the trip.
The zoo looked really small and cheap, sort of like those travelling fairs. There were only a few animals there, and some of them were quite strange:

A big creature with a rhino horn and a hairy mammoth-like body.
It had a huge mouth, from which weird sounds were emitted. It seemed somewhat irritated, so I kept a good distance to it.

Something resembling a giraffe, but with a short neck.
I only saw a glimpse of this one. It had shoes on its feet. That didn't really make sense...

A squirrel.
A typical specimen, except it kept running around really fast like it was completely insane. Maybe this place was a resort for animals suffering from caffeine addiction?

An elephant.
Can't tell if it was indian or african, but a normal elephant anyway. It was calmly spraying water from its trunk in the air.

There was a small pond in the area, with a tiny beach next to it. My father and sister decided to take a swim, but I didn't care to join them. Apparently I wasn't enjoying the place much.

When it came time to leave, we saw a black cat. A flashback from my previous dream perhaps?
My suspicions of the installment being really cheap were true. The "lobby" was in an old barn and everything seemed really shaggy to me. Too bad my dream had began after we got there.

While we were at the zoo, the weather was sunny and warm. But on our way home the roads were really slippery and I kept thinking we could have a serious accident.

Things started to get odd when we reached an intersection close to my parents' house. A religious movement had some sort of gathering or protest right in the middle of the road, and we couldn't get through. Lots of other people seemed to be having the same problem.
The religious fanatics had set up a small shack for selling all kinds of stuff. We asked the guy working in it if he could let us through. He told it would only be possible if we'd buy gasoline from him. (!) My dad noticed the gas tank was empty, so we bought the gas and were able to go on.

I bet those darn fanatics emptied the tank.

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  • Hanging out at summer camp when Dusik's grandkid Ricky came running in, all panicked about something. He had come from home, and something was wrong. It wasn't that he couldn't get the words out, but he wouldn't speak up enough for us to understand. Dusik was pissed; a "there better be somebody dead when I get there" kind of reaction. She barked at Megan and me to come with her in case she needed "help," and we both registered how grisly that sounded. I ate a square mint.

  • My tanning club card said my membership had expired on May 2. Looking at the card, reading and re-reading the address and the name of the company, I tried to remember ever going there, and couldn't. But here was there office right in front of me, so I walked in and up to a desk that looked likely. The pretty woman behind it yelled at me to STOP! so I did. She apologized and said she was just afraid I would bump into the chairs and wires and boxes stacked in front of the desk. I assured her I'd seen them.

    To renew my membership, I had to call a secret number which she wrote on the back of the card. She winked at me and sent me along. Outside, looking at the number, I felt as if new information were being injected into my brain - suddenly I possessed a flat, simple memory of lying in a dark room with a low hot blue light radiating into me.

  • At the funeral someone's bright idea of a tribute had been to hang multiple copies of the same Barbie and Ken from strings, dangling in front of our faces. I don't think the other ends were attached to anything. At the end of the funeral the dolls would rise and circle each other and disappear into the sky. The job of all the funeralgoers was to bend the dolls' legs to make the effect more, I don't know, more aesthetically nifty. I gave up on mine and took out my camera. Everyone else was getting frustrated, yelling, "you're doing it wrong" "no, YOU are!" and getting close to rioting around the grave. The girl behind me grabbed my camera, wrist strap still attached to me, and swung it around at the crowd. I screamed in her ear IT'S NOT A VIDEO CAMERA but she didn't care, she just wanted to watch the viewscreen changing.
  • I usually don't do this, but last night was really odd...

    I'm walking down a street with some of my friends (I think I've been on this street before... it's in Salem. It's an ordinary residential neighborhood between my friend's house and the local bars.

    Anyway, in the dream, there's a bar right on the sidewalk - not an actual building with a bar, but just a bar. And despite the fact that it's outside, it's got that dark, smoky bar atmosphere. There's a woman sitting there, drinking and crying. So I go over, and it's Belinda Carlisle. Normally, I don't dream about Belinda Carlisle... but I was listening to The Go-Go's yesterday, so maybe that creeped subliminally into my subconscious. I'm not complaining. Anyway, she's crying... I'm not really sure why, but the next thing I know we're making out. Weird. Then my friends come over and tell me that we're going to another bar. So I just leave. (Note to subconscious: Why?!?) Belinda Carlisle does not come with us.

    So we're at this other bar, which as far as I can tell is a real bar, but I don't recognize it, and we're watching "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" (again, pop culture being assimilated into my psyche). Anyway, I start mouthing off about how easy the show is, and the next thing I know, I'm actually ON the freaking show.

    Except it's not Regis hosting, it's my dad. And my dad asks a question about penguins (Note to subconscious: Why?!?). I have no idea, so I try to Phone-A-Friend Belinda Carlisle. But they can't find her anywhere. My dad (who in real life has no idea who Belinda Carlisle is), tells me that Belinda Carlisle wouldn't know the answer, and even if she did, she wouldn't tell me, after I just left her at the bar. So I quit playing (I don't even think I got the check), and the rest of the dream I'm walking up and down that same street (there's no bar there anymore), looking for Belinda Carlisle.

    Very odd. Most dreams, I can find at least some real-life translation as to what it means. The only meaning I can find in this dream is that I want Belinda Carlisle. But it's not like I'm repressing that. I'll admit it outright - I want Belinda Carlisle. So I think there's another meaning.

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