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Frank Welker

Frank Welker is one of the most important stars of the cartoon world - although hardly anyone knows his name.


Welker started off his career as a stand-up comedian in 1967 - a career where he did some brilliant voice impressions. Later, he started doing voice-overs, and ended up working with voices for cartoons. He is considered one of the most famous voice actors in the world.

He has done special effect voices for X files, Species, Independence Day, and hordes of other movies. He has done sound effects for Peter Gabriel in a music video, and voices in all of the Baldur's Gate computer games.

Productions he has been part of:

(this list has taken me a few days to compile, and I doubt I have found everything.. But it does give the general idea :)


Web Page


I used a PILE of sources for this one. The main source is the webpage above, but I also used IMDB, and a pile of other fan-pages found all over the internet.


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