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The title as well as the name of the protagonist of a novel written by German musician and author Sven Regener, published in August 2001. The title can be translated as "Mister Lehmann". Mister Lehmann's first name is Frank, but since his friends and co-workers found out that his 30th birthday is going to take place in some weeks on November 9, 1989 they started to call him Mister to "show their respect for his age". Moreover his parents who think that he is chief clerk of a restaurant told him that they're going to visit his domicile West Berlin a few days before his birthday and that they'd like to see him. In addition he falls in love with the new cook at the Markthalle, the tavern which is owned by the guy with whom he has been serving beer every evening for the last few years, and where his best friend Karl also works as a waiter.
After tons of funny dialogues and slapstick but nothing dramatic happening Herr Lehmann is thirty and standing next to the freshly fallen Berlin Wall. One of the books you just can't renarrate or sum up.

Sven Regener managed to describe friendships like you can really see them every day, vacuous conversations, evenings spent together drinking beer, accounting for probably 80% of the content of the book. A relatively popular book of modern German literature.

The story was picturized in 2003 with Christian Ulmen as Herr Lehmann and, in opposition to the book, also translated into English under the title "Berlin Blues".

Sven Regener is also songwriter, guitarist and trumpeter of the Rock band Element of Crime.

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