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A library school is where you go to learn to be a librarian. It's usually a graduate program in the U.S, because you're supposed to know some other subject well enough to have a bachelor's degree in it before you go work in a library, and because there are a large number of skills needed to run a library (which non-librarians rarely think about).

Library schools are institutions where one learns how to become a professional librarian. It surprises many to learn that library science is a master’s degree program. To obtain a job as a professional librarian in the United States, in almost every case you must hold a master’s degree from a library science program accredited by the American Library Association. Mundane tasks like checking out books and shelving are usually performed by non-professional or para-professional staff, but those responsible for acquisitions, cataloging, reference, and administration are professional master’s degree holding librarians

Library science programs are often coupled with programs in information science, a field which is more oriented towards theory and technology and one which no one seems to be able to define adequately. An unfortunate side effect of this is that many library schools are dropping or de-emphasizing the term "library", feeling that it is antiquated and carries negative connotations, in favor of the vaguer and more technologically oriented "information science".

One of the reasons Melvil Dewey is revered as a library pioneer is for founding the world’s first library school, the School of Library Economy at Columbia University in 1887. After a spat with Columbia’s Board of Trustees, Dewey took his school to the University at Albany, where it exists today as the School of Information Science and Policy.

The following is the list of every ALA accredited library and information science program in the United States and Canada. Schools offering a Ph.D. in either of those fields are noted with an asterisk (*). In parenthesis are the names of noders who are or have been students in the library science program at that particular school. If you wish to be added to this list, please let me know.

United States

University of Alabama*

University of Arizona*

San Jose State University
University of California, Los Angeles*

Southern Connecticut State University

District of Columbia
Catholic University of America

Florida State University*
University of South Florida (Gamaliel, Segnbora-t, Sylvar)

Clark Atlanta University

University of Hawaii*

Dominican University
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign*

Indiana University*

University of Iowa

Emporia State University*

University of Kentucky*

Louisiana State University

University of Maryland

Simmons College

University of Michigan
Wayne State University

University of Southern Mississippi

University of Missouri-Columbia

New Jersey
Rutgers University*

New York
Long Island University*
Pratt Institute
Queens College
St. John's University
Syracuse University*
University of Albany*
University at Buffalo*

North Carolina
North Carolina Central University
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill*
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Kent State University

University of Oklahoma

Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Drexel University* (analander)
University of Pittsburgh*

Puerto Rico
University of Puerto Rico

Rhode Island
University of Rhode Island

South Carolina
University of South Carolina

University of Tennessee*

Texas Woman's University*
University of North Texas*
University of Texas at Austin*

University of Washington*

University of Wisconsin-Madison*
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee*


University of Alberta

British Columbia
University of British Columbia

Nova Scotia
Dalhousie University

University of Toronto*
University of Western Ontario

McGill University* (legbagede)
Université de Montréal*

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