A song by Fatboy Slim, with lyrics/vocals by Macy Gray, released on Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars.

The song's really more about simple plays on words, rhyming, and the way vocals are ordered and presented than anything else. Gray is always a delight to listen to, and the way Slim mixes up her vocals is intriguing. He cuts the recording to pieces and throws half of it into the background, letting it surface in bits and pieces, seemingly in no particular order except for a few extended sequences of wordplay. I can hardly make out half the background samples (I've only included the most obvious ones in parentheses, especially ones that interact with the foreground vocals) and I'm pretty sure there are several lines that never come up in the foreground, or even clear enough for me to make out all the words. All in all, it's a far more solid track than Demons, where Slim let Gray take control - the vocals on this one don't stand alone, but that's what makes it a sort of gestalt song - no element of it has even close to the appeal that comes from the complexity of everything ordered together. And the "Blue it", "Be my _ man", and "A ya" parts always make me smile.

Length: 6:58


Love life!
I've got ta, I've got ta have it.
(Love life!)
I've got ta, I've got ta have it.
Keep me satisfied - Oh my!
(Got ta-)
(With my love life)

I've got to eat it
I've got to rub it
Yeah! I've-
(Always by my side - Oh my!)
Look at my-
I've got to shove it
(Be my love life
It's my love-)

I've got to do it
I've got to sue it
I've got to do it
I've got to do it!
Cause it's you, and me, see
It's my love life
It's my love life
It's my love life

I've got to do it
I've got to blue it
I've got to green it
I've got to black it
I've got to yellow it
(I've got to have-)
I've got to

(I've got to have-)
Love life!
I've got to have ya
(I've got to have ya repeat)
I'm gonna feel ya
Love life
Gimme some
I've got ta-

Got ta sex it
And I'm gonna confess it
In my Lexy
(with all-) -excess
I've got to sex it
When I confess it
Just so messy
I'm gonna sex it

(love, love, love, I got to-)

When I hit the door-uh
When I roll the floor-uh
It's for sure-uh
That I want some more-uh

(love, love, love life)

I'm gonna roll it
I'm gonna bro it
I'm gonna sister it
I'm gonna father it
I got to do it
I got to blue it
In my shoes and
Ain't no foolin'
Got ta do it
Got ta do it
I got to have it!
(I've got to have ya)

(I said) Yeah, yeah

Gonna be my Superman
Be my Batman
Be my Invisible Man!
(Oh my soul)
Got ta do it
Be my Wonder Man
Be my Wonder Man
('n I got ta have ya)
(It's my, it's my)
Take me under man, oh!
(It's my beautiful-)
I've got ta have ya

Gonna grab ya
With my, with my, with my-
Supa dupa
(My love life)
I got ta have ya

Said I'm gonna A ya
An' I'm gonna B ya
An' I'm gonna C ya
Gonna D ya
If I E ya
'Cause I wanna F ya
Yeah I wanna F ya (ooh)
Yeah I wanna F ya (ooh)

It's my love life.

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