Ending theme song of the anime Dragon Half. Lyrics by Kyoko Matsumiya, music by Ludwig Van Beethoven.

English translation:

Pappara Funi-Funi,
Pappara Hoe-hoe,
Pappara Funi-Funi Eggs!
Pappara Funi-Funi,
Pappara Hoe-hoe,
I grilled them and they burned!

Pappara Funi-Funi,
Pappara Hoe-hoe,
Pappara Funi-Funi Potatoes!
Pappara Funi-Funi,
Pappara Hoe-hoe,
I boiled them and they melted!

You are so very, very cool.
Ah, ah, I'm completely crazy about you.
I'm enchanted, I'm sticky, my heart is pounding.
I'll show it to you, just a little bit.
Since the weather is fine, I want to go somewhere.
Oh, oh, please listen,
Mm-hmm, I'll give you my special grand lunch,
Somewhere, rararan,

Ran rararan yan yayayan yan yayayan,
East west south north, east south west north,
Ran rararan ran rararan...
...Yan yayayan yan yayayan
One two three four ii al san suu!

Ah, not the tomato, it's mine!
I'll give you the octopus, I hate the way it looks.

Pappara Funi-Funi,
Pappara Hoe-hoe,
Pappara Funi-Funi Eggs!
Pappara Funi-Funi,
Pappara Hoe-hoe,
If I don't boil them, they are still raw eggs!

Pappara Funi-Funi,
Pappara Hoe-hoe,
Pappara Funi-Funi beer!
Pappara Funi-Funi,
Pappara Hoe-hoe,
If I don't boil it, it's still a draft beer!

Somehow they seem a little interested.
Ah, ah, your eyes...
I'm enchanted, it's calm, the mood is perfect too.
Shall I cuddle up to you?
I'm a naive girl who doesn't know a thing.
Oh, oh, don't make me say it!
Mm, hmm, the best wooing words, as I expected, from you,

Ran rararan yan yayayan yan yayayan,
Kamusa hamunida. I'm sorry,
Ran rararan ran rararan,
Yan yayayan yan yayayan,

Raochuu cheers! Graduation Hooray!
Writhing in agony, seven wins, eight losses,
Survival of the fittest,
Yakiniku set meal.
Ah, not the eggs, they are mine!
Oh, eggs! Eggs!

The strangest thing about this song is that the music is heavily based on Ludwig van Beethoven's symphonies. The main theme is from the 7th, but there are also fragments from some of the others.

This gave me one weird experience when I attended a concert by an amateur orchestra. After some other pieces, they played Beethoven's 7th symphony and I recognized the melody from watching Dragon Half! I managed not to laugh, though.

My perfect omelette is quite tasty. Though I was vegan for many years, I have sold out to pop-culture and eat eggs again. Although I will proudly add that I buy free-range eggs or get them from my friend Nancy who lives on a farm near my old house and treats her chickens like royalty.

So now that I have justified my egg-usage, I will invite you all to try this yummy recipe for the perfect omelette. Here is a list of things you will need for one omelette:

Break the eggs over a bowl and whip violently, then set aside. Heat cooking pan to warm. Once heated, cook mushrooms for about 5 to 7 minutes, then add tomatoes and cook for 2 minutes. Add spinach and cook until it has "shrunk".

Now comes the fun part. Center vegetables in pan, then pour egg mixture over veggies. Spread the veggies around a little bit, and cover the pan.

Let sit for a few minutes, checking every so often to make sure the bottom isn't burning.

Once you can see that the majority of the egg has cooked, place feta cheese into the middle of the omelette, and then as best you can, topple one side of it onto the other. Cover the pan again and let sit for about 5 minutes or so.

When the omelette is finished, remove gently, and place on a waiting plate. Put some toast in the toaster, or bagel if you prefer, pour a cup of coffee, sit and enjoy.

I hope that someone out there tries this recipe for in my opinion it is absolutely scrumptious. Cheers!

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