A candy product made by Topps, a candy company. They also make Ring Pops.

Push pops are lollipops that are in a cylindrical plastic container. You push up from the bottom for more candy. They come in a variety of flavors. Cherry, Grape, and Raspberry are just a few.

An artificially-colored, translucent, artificially fruit-flavoured, sugar-based candy... basically the same stuff that lollipops are made of. It is cylindrical in shape, about half an inch in diameter and 2 and a half inches long, and is encased in a lidded plastic sleeve with a push-up mechanism at the bottom which allows the candy to be raised up during consumption. It is effectively a lipstick made of sugar, and as such is just as effective at changing lip colour as the cosmetic variety. It does an even better job on teeth.

If sucked and rotated in the mouth for a long period it gradually erodes until it developes into a formidably sharp point at the tip, looking less like a lipstick, and rather more like a self-administered tongue-piercing device.

Promotes tooth decay.

Colorings may cause hyperactivity, gastric disorders, and skin disorders.

Designed for children.

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