Enterprise is the fifth series of the Star Trek saga. Unlike the other 4 series this one will be a prequel, starting in 2151, only one decade before the Federation was founded and 115 years before The Original Series. It is also the first series not to carry the prefix Star Trek.

The series is about the first Earth-based long-range warp ship, the SS Enterprise, about to take off on a journey of exploration. The series is supposed to capture the essence of space exploration and the sense of adventure that follows from that.

It will feature a primitive kind of replicator, called protein resequencers. A transporter used for cargo (no bio-filters). And shuttlepods carrying 6 people and a pilot.

The series will be kicked off on UPN with a 2-hour pilot episode Broken Bow (ENT) on September 26, 2001.

Cast overview:
Scott Bakula as Captain Jonathan Archer
Jolene Blalock as Sub Commander T'Pol
John Billingsley as Doctor Phlox
Linda Park as Ensign Hoshi Sato
Anthony Montgomery as Ensign Travis Mayweather
Dominic Keating as Lieutenant Malcolm Reed
Connor Trinneer as Chief Engineer/Commander Charlie "Spike" Tucker

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This whole softcore decontamination scene really needs to be addressed more fully, for it is perhaps the most wonderful part of the entire show.

The setup is that an away team has just returned from visiting an alien world. Two of the team's members are the scorchingly hot female Vulcan science officer T'Pol, and the ruggedly handsome human firebrand Charles Tucker III, who have been bickering constantly throughout the episode so we know something's gonna happen with these two.

So the away team returns, and the ship's doctor immediately informs T'Pol and Tucker that they alone of the group have picked up some sort of alien spore and they must be decontaminated. Our first reaction is "Huh?', followed by "Okay, whatever." After all, this is Star Trek, and we expect the sudden appearance of bizarre plot devices to keep things moving along. The doctor sends them to a sealed room where they must apply a decontaminating gel to themselves.

They enter the room and two notable things happen:

  • The normal lights go out and a soft blue glow, much like that which illuminates made-for-cable soft porn, floods the scene.
  • We become aware that T'Pol is wearing a thin tank top and stretchy shorts, and Tucker is wearing only a pair of tight briefs which give us a largely unobstructed view of his batch.

And then they rub this gel all over each others' bodies, till they are all slippery and glistening and T'Pol's headlights are on.

I seem to remember they were arguing during this scene too, but frankly I don't remember much of the dialogue at this point. The bit was just so brazenly cynical and manipulative, it was beautiful. Lest some deep-seated inner fanboy longing remain unstirred, they even had Tucker sensuously rub gel on T'Pol's delicately pointy Vulcan ears.

A scene later, we see the ship's captain in his quarters, pacing back and forth and flashing his area in a pair of the same tight briefs (standard Starfleet issue, apparently). At this point my wife and I, already weeping from laughter, looked at each other wonderingly and said "Where the heck are they going with this?"

And to think I used to laugh about how in Star Trek: Voyager they would never pass up a chance to wedge two female crewmembers together in a Jefferies Tube. Who knows what awaits us with this new series? "Our only chance to escape this alien prison is to slather hot oil over Ensign Sato's naked body and squeeze her through the bars!"

Star Trek: Enterprise is the latest in the Star Trek television series. The first episode was "Broken Bow" and aired on September 26, 2001 (though there were reports of it being shown in Canada the day before).

This series takes place around 2151, at least a hundred years before Star Trek: The Original Series. The show follows the adventures of the first vessel from earth capable of warp 4.5, the Enterprise NX-01 and her crew. At this point in the Star Trek Universe, there is no Federation of Planets, and earth has only come in contact with a few alien species. Earth is being mentored by the Vulcans, who are (it appears) trying to hold them back from jumping forward too quickly. Probably for their own good. Earthlings of course, are an impatient, hasty species, and are trying to jump forward as quickly as possible.

Crew details:

Plot Synopsis:

CAUTION: May Contain Spoilers!

"Broken Bow"
The first episode of Enterprise introduced the viewer to a bit of the history from the events detailed in Star Trek First Contact when the first warp engine was created and tested, and earthlings were introduced to their first alien species, the Vulcans. Jon Archer's father was an engineer who was (at least his son thinks) held back by the Vulcans and prevented from achieving the things he should have been let to. An alien ship crash lands in a field and a Klingon (with a new style head) is chased by a couple of green aliens. The green guys are blown up, but the Klingon survives (barely).

Starfleet, against the wishes of the Vulcans, decides not to pull the plug on him. Archer convinces them to send him and his newly commissioned warp 4.5 ship to Qo'noS to return the still unconcious Klingon to his people, with the hopes that he'll be up and going by the time they reach his homeworld (as a warrior race such as the Klingons, being a vegetable is not an honorable fate).

A Vulcan science officer is sent along with them to observe and help. This of course causes some tension but is also used as a plot device to get Archer to eventually trust Vulcans, and for T'Pol to eventually realize that sometimes humans aren't completely wrong.

Along the way to Qo'noS (go figure) they lose their patient to more of the green skinned aliens, called Suliban. T'Pol wants to turn around and consider their mission as over, but of course Archer wants to go and recover him.

Much adventure ensues, including an almost soft core decontamination scene, reference to a temporal war, and much else.

At the end of the show, T'Pol decides to stay, the ship is sent on it's way out into space to Boldly go where no man has gone before, or some such non-specific orders.

Other Information

Please head to the Enterprise Episode Guide to find plot summaries of Enterprise episodes.

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