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In November of 1984,
just before Gorbachev came to power,
a Typhoon-class Soviet sub surfaced
just south of the Grand Banks.

It then sank in deep water,
apparently suffering a radiation problem.
Unconfirmed reports indicated
some of the crew were rescued.

But according to repeated statements
by both Soviet and American governments,

nothing of what you are about to see...


The Hunt for Red October (1989) Special Collector's Edition DVD (2003), directed by John McTiernan
Part of the Jack Ryan Special Edition DVD Collection.

Running Time: 135 minutes.

Rated PG by Jackbeard and his Merry Men, because Some Material May Not Be Suitable for Children.

Special Features:

This disc is definitely an improvement over the 1998 release, though there's still no mention of anamorphic widescreen it has come to my attention that 16:9 is anamorphic widescreen. There is also no disc art, apart from the various logos and a PG-13 (!) rating box. The commentary is fairly decent. My only real gripe is the unskippable studio logo/disclaimer at the start, but that's fortunately not too long.

Overall, I give the disc 6.5 out of 10 for the features, and 8.9 for the film. A good buy, even if you wish the MPAA would go blow themselves out a torpedo tube.

All info is from the film, case, or inserts unless otherwise noted.