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This is actually advice on how to give a backrub and how to pick up a man with a backrub.

Step One:
Make sure you are both in a comfortable position. My favorite is him sitting between my legs in front of me. (A nice variation of this position is for you to bend your legs so that your feet are within reach of his hands. This way he can massage your feet while you are giving him a back rub).

There are many other positions but I prefer this one because it has the most potential for accidental brushes against him.

Step Two:
Begin by placing your hands on his shoulders. Make sure that your four fingers are resting on the front of his shoulders and your thumb is on the back, pointing down. Now leave your fingers where they are and just use your thumbs to massage his shoulders. Make your thumbs move in a half circle from the pointing down position to almost meeting your fingers. And repeat this motion.
Note: a lot of women make the mistake of making light, feather-like movements. Don't be afraid to rub deeply, men like their massages harder then women do, don't overdo it, but as my father would say, put some mustard into it.

Step Three:
After a minute or so, casually mention that this would be so much easier if he wasn't wearing a shirt. This is true, but it also has some added bonuses:)

Step Four:
We won't even bother to go into what to do if the guy doesn't take his shirt of cos yeah, like that's ever gonna happen!. Anyway, now he's got his shirt off, start rubbing below his shoulders. Start just below his shoulders and place your two thumbs on his spine and stretch your hand out towards his sides, forming a 'W' with your two hands. Now let your thumbs rub out from the center of his spine to meet your fingers. Move a little farther down his back and repeat rubbing from the center out.

Step Five:
Now when you reach the lowest point take your two thumbs and place them on his spine and slowly rub all the way up the length of his spine. And begin to massage his shoulders again, as in step two. Note: By now he should be moaning.

Step Six:
Now comes the fun part. He is really loving this by now. So scoot in just a little closer to him and begin to rub his neck. Start at the base of his neck and use your thumbs to follow his spine up to his hairline. Do this a few times and then start again at the bottom, this time moving your thumbs from the center of his neck to the sides, paying special attention to where his neck meets his shoulders.

Step Seven:
Now use your fingers to massage the points along his hairline. Again use your thumbs, but this time rub in gentle circles. Be sure to use enough pressure but also be careful not to pull his hair. If things are going really well, this is a good time to lean in closer and let your cheek rub against his shoulder, make some innocent contact with his flesh.

Step Eight:
Gently run your fingers through his hair, massaging his scalp. Let your chin rest on his shoulder and your breath hit his neck. And the rest is up to you...

Be sure to listen to him, it's just like sex, if he starts moaning, you know you're doing it right.

Be sure to put enough 'oomph' into it

Try the neck massage out on yourself for practice. See what you like, chances are you like the same thing as he does