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As I was growing up my parents let me believe that I was extraordinary and they believed me capable of extraordinary things. As a result I came to expect extraordinary things from myself. And when these extraordinary things did not come true I believed myself a failure. It is only today that I have come to realize that I am not extraordinary, but actually a plain, average person. I am no more intelligent than the next person, I posess no more talent than the next and I am not destined for greatness. I cannot be everything to everyone, not even close to it. It is now time for me to except my average, ordinary existance and learn to deal with it.

No longer can I beat myself up for not meeting lofty goals, no longer can I accept nothing as the alternative to all. It is time I realized how I really am and lived up to my own relative mediocre potential. There is nothing wrong with being average and ordinary. I can no longer afford to berate myself for not meeting impossible goals and self-appointed expectations. Afterall, it is impossible to be 6'2" when you are in fact only 5'2".

Everyday I see people who are trying to live outside their means, spending more money than they have. I have been doing very much the same in assuming that I am special, that I am something extraordinary. Today begins a brand new life for me. Today I accept me for me. Today I finally begin to live the life I have been given.