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Some random (ack) Work.

I'm trying to figure out how to import this MySQL database into PostgreSQL database.

Surprisingly, I found a good document about this... I had always been wondering how the MySQL User's Favorite Kluge, auto_increment, works in PostgreSQL.

(Scurries to do weird things)


Strange order of noding things... I just realized I had noded about "Log & LOAD!" =)



The import was rather painless (relatively speaking) - because PostgreSQL has this thing called SERIAL that looks and feels like MySQL's auto_increment. Making PHP to talk to the database wasn't too painless, though, and I still need to work on that...


People: Gabber can be a psychological burden.


  1. New version of Gabber gets released.
  2. Jabber.com server helpfully tells me that a new version is Out There.
  3. It does that every goddamned time I connect to the server.
  4. Every time.
  5. Yes, every time.
  6. Meanwhile, it's not available in Debian Testing release.
  7. It is available in Debian Unstable. It just happens to depend on terabyte of GNOME packages, none in Testing yet!
  8. Didn't want to mess apt's stuff again, so I needed to find all those packages myself... sort of hard...

Now I finally have an updated version of Gabber... I hope the rest of the day will be funnier.

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: Log LOAD