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She tells you, gentle noder, all the things she cannot admit to those who think they know her best. Adulterous longings and secrets left unsaid, for perfection is neither her state nor her goal, and morality falls by the wayside in the search for experiences.

Currently working on:

male infertility - Tramps Like Us - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Three Dead Trolls In A Baggie - A whole lot of fictional stuff

It is my opinion that every downvote on a factual node should be accompanied by a msg. If you have downvoted a factual node, it's because the noder did something wrong. Obviously, if the noder had known it was wrong, s/he would not have done it. Help a sister out. Log in as everyone if you want to preserve your anonymity, but don't just leave us hanging.

In the Editor Log: December 2005, Lord Brawl asked for Content Editor bios. I am not a CE, nor do I feel I'm suited to be one at this time (lack of noding experience, if nothing else), but the biography idea appealed to me, as it has to other noders. Before I begin though, I want to elaborate a little bit on what E2 means to me:

E2 is not an encyclopaedia a la Wikipedia. Nor is it simply a collection of in-jokes and bad poetry (or even in-jokes and good poetry). E2 is not even a community, although as LordBrawl has said elsewhere in his Editor Logs, it has a community.

To my eyes, E2 is a culture. Maybe even a subculture. E2 is a vital snapshot of a certain period of society. Late twentieth/early twenty-first century socially dissonant webnerds and writers and poets and researchers, all coming together. Even the in-jokes and the poetry are integral parts. History books on ancient Rome would have been much more enlightening and interesting if they'd contained a section for things like bad pick-up lines of the era and the latest slang. Bald facts do not bring a culture to life for later generations. Art and dreams and humour are all necessary to complete the process.

Without further ado, Lord Brawl's suggestions for noder bios:

1. List 3 to 5 writeups (not your own) that epitomize what's special about everything2 for you.
The terrorists have already won "ANY BREAKFAST BAGEL SANDWICH" at McDonald's! by Jet-poop. I can't really say why I like this so much, except that I still laugh out loud every time I read it, even three years after the first reading. The fact that it is still topical may help.
How to dye your hair an unnatural color by Excalibre. Factual, helpful, amusingly anecdotal, not likely to be found in an encyclopaedia or history book.
Asking random people for wisdom by Kizor. There is a quiet beauty in the concept itself that appeals to me, and beauty is never to be denied.

2. List 2 or 3 writeups (your own) with which you're most pleased.

As of this writing (June 26, 2006), I only have 4 writeups in total. I Am Spock is a book review which I rather like, and is a good example of the earn your nodeshit sort of things us newbies should be writing. My other three writeups are abstract, fictional, or subjective, and while I feel they still belong here, they probably would have been better left until later in my E2 career. They all still have positive reps (if only by the skin of their teeth, in one case), so I'm letting them stand as they are.

3. List 2 or 3 writeups (anyone's) to which you would point new users as an example of "how to write for e2".

Well, there's the above-mentioned writeups, of course. Also, Propaganda in the New York Times: The Sinking of the Lusitania. Well-researched, well-written, and very informative, without being a boring rehash of events. Finding a unique angle from which to cover a topic without losing relevance is never easy, but beigs does it with style.
I've given up believing in anything but coffee and fishnet stockings by TheDeadGuy is poignant and beautiful and (in myhumble opinion) is a nod for the ages.


1. At what time or times are you typically active on e2 and accessible for user questions and help? Random times during the day, sometimes for hours at a time. Rarely in the catbot (I use the Java Chatterbox, and often forget to turn it on), but I love to get /msgs.
2. Are you an active member of the Mentoring team, or if not, would you be willing to join? I am not, but would be and will apply when I feel I'm ready.
3. Are you a subject matter expert to whom the admin team can go for content advice? If so, in what area(s)? Not yet, although I do have an extensive knowledge of all things Star Trek and Babylon 5, as well as a fairly strong literary background. I would hesitate to describe myself as an authority on anything, although my research skills are unmatched.
4. Are you a leader or an active, contributing member of any e2 usergroups? I am a member of Oui! and eh2, though I don't think I really qualify as 'contributing' yet.

I write a lot of fiction. In fact, that's almost everything I write. I have a peculiar style in which I rarely name my characters and range from sparse almost-poetry to artful thesaurus-dependant prose. It works for me, and some people seem to like it. It should not be this complicated even got C!d, which made me very happy.

I am incapable of writing without much puttering around on my laptop, games of solitaire, catboxing on E2, and about seven packs of cigarettes. One of these things will eventually kill me, but it's worth it when the dam finally breaks and the words pour out.

I am married. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with my husband and our two cats. Moving here after living in a very different city for fifteen years was very difficult for me, far more difficult than I thought it would be. I'm still adjusting. In some ways, I will never finish adjusting, nor do I want to. But despite having been one of the hardest things I have ever done, I think it was a good move. Maybe one day I will go back. If I'm lucky, my husband will come with me.

Nice things people have said to me (hopefully one day there will be more):

  • golFUR, in the catbox: BAH! I wanted to send a quick four votes at unfettered but I've apparently already upvoted all of 'em. WRITE MORE
  • SciPhi says re It should not be this complicated: Just so you know, I hate nodes like this. So super fun points to you for writing one good enough that I upvoted it. =)