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Danny John-Jules is an actor, singer and dancer best known for his acting role as Cat in Red Dwarf.

He was born 16th September 1960 in London and given the full name of Daniel John-Jules.

Before being selected at an audition for the part of Cat, John-Jules toured America as a professional dancer with George Michael and Wham!, however Danny himself considers his primary occupation to be a musician.


In 1986, Danny sang back up vocals on a song called Chilly Down, which was sung by David Bowie for the soundtrack to his film Labyrinth. Danny's official role on the film was as Firey 3 and Firey 4 which were characters which removed their arms and heads whilst the characters played by David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly watched them.

Little Shop of Horrors

The same year, John-Jules appeared in the Little Shop of Horrors as one of the do wop singers standing by the bus stop whilst Rick Moranis as Seymour sings about where he got Audrey 2, the infamous man-eating plant. John-Jules is visible as Moranis crosses the road, however the part is very small, and quite difficult to spot unless you were actually looking out for it.

Red Dwarf

By 1988, John-Jules had been to an audition for the role of Cat in Red Dwarf, for which he turned up in full costume and in character. This impressed the people who were holding the auditions so much that he earned the part and started filming the cult television series the same year.

The role of Cat which Danny plays is a slightly strange one. In brief, after millions of years of inbreeding from Lister's pet cat, Frankenstein, Cat is created. His nostril hairs quiver at the smallest hint of danger, and because of this and his quick reactions, he is pilot of the space ship. Cat also has obsessions with eating, sleeping, looking good and searching the ship for sex.

In one series of Red Dwarf, Cat makes a music video to a song called Tongue Tied, which was released into the UK music charts and was quite successful.

Cat also has an alter ego called Duane Dibbley who is quite the opposite to Cat. Dibbley has bad dress sense, bad teeth, and likes wearing sandals with socks. He isn't interested in sex, and likes wearing his parka.

Maid Marian and Her Merry Men

1989 was another busy year of John-Jules when he played Barrington, the first Rastafarian in UK, on children's television show, Maid Marian and Her Merry Men. Barrington is an entrepreneur in Sherwood Forest. He met the Merry Men whilst selling rats in Worksop to make a bit of cash. He is quite clever and is a musician who loves to sing and does so at any opportunity.

Soul Train

Red Dwarf kept John-Jules busy for the next few years, and in 1999, he appeared on stage in the musical Soul Train, with Sheila Ferguson who was previously a member of The Three Degrees. Starring in a musical was not a new thing for Danny though as he had previously starred in stage versions of Starlight Express, Cats, and Carmen. Appearances on Channel 5's Night Fever are also common for John-Jules too.

Danny John-Jules is also the voice of Gex, Enter The Gecko for the Nintendo 64.

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