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Location: The Bookworm (www.beijingbookworm.com), south Sanlitun, Beijing.

Time (Local): 1200-1800, Sunday 3rd September

Contact: dharmaraja

So far, only myself and kalen likely to be in attendance. I think we'll be coinciding with a mini literary festival at the Bookworm, so perhaps some live noding of sightings of well-known Chinese authors.

UPDATE Interest in the meet-up surges. The confirmed attendance of UncleM sees noder numbers up by a stunning 33 percent!

UPDATE UPDATE The more mathematically gifted Palpz informs me this is in fact a 50 percent increase in noder attendance - "you use the original number as the denominator when calculating percentage increase." I have no idea what that means, but the number's bigger so I'm using it.

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE kalen has the skinny on our day out on the town.