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mission drive within everything
Spill and deposit various thoughts currently plaguing my brain to allow room for further ideas to hatch and take up more space inside the crowded, curly hair-topped area known as my head.
Music, silliness, cream pies, and stir fry
Mount Hope Church
Beware the puppies.
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I am:
a daughter
a sister
a singer
a servant
a planner
an actress
a playwright
a songwriter
a director
a pianist
a wannabe guitarist

I am also:
getting bolder
apparently (and unintentionally) intimidating
lacking time

But most importantly, I am:
a follower of Jesus

Love notes from other noders:
Xamot thinks this is the funniest node title he's seen in a week
<Xamot> If you like something SHARE!
O-Swirl says re: I am a woman who does not like assholes You took the words right out of my mouth! Thanks for the WU! :)
perhapsadingo8yrbaby says re I am a woman who does not like assholes: As another woman who detests assholes only slightly more than "nice guys" who whine about women who like assholes, I feel compelled to say - Amen, sister.

Teiresias says Nice A Brief History of Radio wu - good work fella!
NOTE: iambic would like to remind all of you that she is not a fella. :)

Saige says re: Lansing, MI (place): wow, such a nice writeup...

radlab0 says with regards to She was never mine. I always shared her.: thank you for writing this--it struck a chord with me.
hurtfulpotato says I just saw the "she was never mine" node. That's an incredibly good node and enough to make me grateful for what I have.
Lometa says How very moving thank you for having the courage to write that
Lady Midnight says Re: She was never mine. I always shared her. That is an amazing piece of writing, and very moving. I am very glad you wrote it.
Morgon77 says I just wanted to mention that you continue to rock.

wunderhorn1 says re Jon Faddis: Awesome!

jessicapierce says re It's all in God's time: this is excellent - i'm glad you added these updates. nice to hear.

Kit says re How my wife discovered my homosexuality: I've read and reread this writeup, and it is more beautifully written every time. You've captured the emotion and the tension perfectly. Thank you.

SharQ says re The two-hour hug: Well written. I have experienced this exact thing. Lovely, isn't it?

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