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Attention: As of June 2010 this directory is unmaintained and will eventually be deleted. No additions or changes except for deletions will be made. If you wish to make one or more of your AIM/ICQ/Myspace names available, please add them to the respective registries yourself.

Originally split between the Everything AIM Repository (a writeup created by WonkoDSane to index AOL Instant Messenger usernames) and the Everything ICQ Repository (a scheme nurtured by yossarian), this document has been reformatted to contain additional IM handles and contact information. It is now maintained by random e2gods.


This document is provided expressly for the purpose of making public the information that account holders submit for inclusion in it, and the publisher offers NO GUARANTEES of confidentiality, either expressed or implied. While simple methods are undertaken to prevent robots from reading the e-mail addresses listed here, the publisher offers NO GUARANTEES that listed addresses will not be subjected to "spam" or other net abuse. Any information you submit for listing here is done so at your own risk, and the publisher is not responsible for any damages resulting from the accessibility of this information. If this page is indexed by search engines, its contents will be available as readily as anything else on the worldwide web.

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Noder AOL Instant Messenger (comma delimited listings) ICQ MSN, Yahoo!, others Public e-mail
10998521   10998521    
7Ghent   12403974    
adamwolf notsodifferent      
aionaever aionaever   MSN: aionaever.eon-blue@com
Albert Herring   100704007 MSN:
Alex-K   73171666    
AlexZander Zander1027      
Alpha 42   49794637    
Andara   22746352    
Andrew Aguecheek     MSN:  
anemotis anemotis      
Angela litlebertha      
anotherone   21692955    
apegirl25 froggy72032      
apirkle Cirollo 178581    
Aresds Aresds      
AsianAstronaut AznT1mm      
asofel   84458908    
atesh atesh42 3080407
atlas fairybts      
Augustine CMoyer12
azzer das azlant, spiceweasel 80      
Bacon the Rambler bacon the spy      
baffo   82661817    
bane221 bane221   Y!: bane221, MSN:
beak   1352953    
binarydreams TAI101010 12597086    
bishopred1 BishopRed1      
bitter_engineer   12152918    
blubelle chiquitabella76      
bob the cow        
booyaa naked linedancer, sierraoscarlima 110816111    
Brian Feldman Brian kun      
briglass briglass      
briiiiian ka re l 3      
britishcoal britcoal      
broken77 MattBarn77      
burnboy burnboy2k      
BurningTongues JonFCA      
Byzantine   20495049    
caknuck caknuck   MSN:  
cami vespertine4407      
CaptainSpam   5929866    
cbustapeck cbustapeck1      
cecil36   10683615    
cethiesus cethiesus      
cerberus   17645231    
chanbara i8cheezwhiz 2512079    
CheeseDanish lugeboy00      
Chris-O jrminga      
Cid Highwind   19693228    
clearpebbles clearpebbles, wishcup6      
Codger   4203488    
Converse56 Joyce is Dedalus      
cordyceps   13980495 MSN:  
crayz   7034781    
CrAzE CrAzE PAT      
crewgrrl crewgrrl58   MSN:  
Crux Coldforge 47133520    
cryokinetic cryokinetic83 52372390    
Cudgel the clever   4815450    
cureobsession cureobsession 105089516    
CzarKhan CzarKhan1 2745933    
danlowlite DanLowLite      
danthaman   219227    
DaveQat   1289895    
Davidian MadCowLuvn      
DaVinciLe0 DaVinciLe0 5030745    
/dev/joe devjoe2      
Devolver42 Devolver42      
Devon_Hart   11142666    
dialZero r3wtdotorg      
dichotomyboi dichotomyboi   Y!: BrokenAngels  
discofever uvcatastrophe1 40944993    
disgruntledwren disgruntledalice      
dizzy   89463496    
dmd Placain 3334866    
Dreamvirus Chrysopolis      
Droidkevin5 Droidkevin5      
DrWoody DocterWoody      
dustfromamoth sillytruffles      
dwyn Tudor77 8348110    
Ebyan Ebyan      
eclip5e   2567792    
EggZ EggZ      
eien_meru seyosama      
elem_125 elemental0125 7355066    
Emperor Roscoe   54429034    
endotoxin   40918590    
Eraser_ H110Hawk      
erikbjo erikbjo      
Error404   29196646    
entropy entropyUVA      
etoile   13589128    
Evil Catullus Raziel1976      
Excalibre VileExcalibre
flamingweasel theFlamingWeasel      
fondue   75645338    
Freaek FreaekyPete      
Friction   16991031    
fricto fricto      
FubarPA fubarpa   MSN:  
fustflum fustflum      
Gamaliel Gamaliel8      
GangstaFeelsGood GangstaFeelsGood      
General Wesc   704690    
generic-man GenericMan0      
getzburg MrGetzburg 21997931    
GhettoAardvark x424k   Y!: x424k,
GoodKingNerdnor Tony6785, GoodKingNerdnor      
gpb voteforgrant   Y!: royhoo33,
graceness gracenessaim      
Great Neb   37768058    
greth k177y0f37h3r   MSN:,
grundoon E2grundoon      
gwenllian mgthompsonrn 291412008 Y!: martinagthompson  
hamster bong d3s0l4te 33920327    
Heschelian Metaperception      
hodgepodge hodgepodge03, Milkman Dan      
hectorthebat milnermilner      
heropsychodreamer form vs function      
Hugh Macdonald   1822379    
IainB   44613418    
iandunn iandunn517 17466675    
ideath   21293597    
idResponse   2149347    
ignu will1120m      
infinity infinity10566      
interrobang     Jabber:  
ioctl raindrop prelude      
jaubertmoniker SBistec, jaubertmoniker      
JayBonci JayBonci      
jes04   7644701    
jethro bodine   23193803    
jhr   45059576    
JoeBaldwin joeblinux      
juliet CybrKyttn 4329471    
Kallen   6009091    
kamamer kamamer      
karrenlouise karrenlouise      
kenata kenata4      
kevingpo   18779082    
KillerPenguin KillerPenguinE2 18009593    
Kit   63249873 MSN:
klinkon   96702018    
knile Knile87      
krystyn   1922030    
kslawson OxC0FFEE 38117999    
kthejoker kthejoker      
Lady Midnight lrysa 67247863    
Lactic.Acid OmegaSupreme3      
lagrange   75883034    
Leynos   24644664    
Life101   39307347    
littlerubberfeet JollyX414      
Lord Refa   10277128    
lydi-kitty LydiCat 42600104    
Maayan   2305294    
Marcin   17736441    
Mario_God dr pentsamo      
martin   4571253    
mawa   20088990    
McCart42 McCart42 40474398 Jabber:  
mcSey   8809875    
Medieval   1618464    
meng   1316772    
metal rozsa metal rozsa      
Micholaus bewilderbeast19      
mikemoto mikemoto2      
mirv Charlemagne71      
Mitchevious Mitchellaneous      
MizerieRose NevermoreRose      
MegaAaron Neo1, R3DM3CURY      
Metacognizant SAMIZDATmg      
moJoe wr0nghead 112349164 Y!: wh0rg, MSN:  
Mojo Jojo Celery464      
mojot   10229940    
mordel mordel      
Morgon77 Phule77      
Morgan le Fay Scully Jess      
Mr. Frog mrfrogger22      
mr100percent mr100percent      
n6 NUFAScrnName, NOFSN      
Nero jjesse01      
NickABusey NickABusey
Nihilanth chaoswave2      
nine9   41974841    
NinjaPenguin niftypenguin2      
Nocte UtoPia5285      
novasoy carhadras      
nuage   759133    
oakling precisegrrl, fabglitter
oenone OenoneNymph      
Oolong TheOolongMan 157327864 MSN:  
_orpheus_ Laulina Valdere      
Pakaran Pakaran2 111478725    
PaladinZ PaladinMAX      
panamaus panamaus00 82756891    
pedrolio Petebradt9      
Perianwyr   1498933    
pihwlook pihwlook      
pimephalis pimephalis 7950044    
Pint Pinteresque      
piq El Phedex      
plonk plonk forkbomb23      
posthumous   268708    
Pronto   41823888    
Psk   30778788    
psydereal   15451599    
pylon Lt Pylon      
qousqous qousqous 6210464    
Quad H8acker      
QuietLight arichlin2001   MSN: inkwired  
QXZ KPQuarters      
r4v5 r4v5      
rad   60436904    
Rana Varshhatu      
Rancid_Pickle   314039    
Randofu Randofu 12625446    
redboot redboot3, mind3riot, desmadremental, riotmember      
renderer renderer85 106918621    
rescdsk rescdskfoo      
Reverend Raven BMclean200 10132012    
robwicks   8698643    
rootbeer277 rootbeer277
rosehips papillonlarmes      
RubenAzarja   2526565    
Rufus42 MoonOcean SunBrgr      
Ryouga   43507211    
s_alanet SadoQAlanet      
Sabby   1048665    
SamuraiSatan SamuraiSatan      
Sand Jack DetslahSr      
SB5 SuperB0Y05 1192987    
scotm   29514818    
sctprog   6470417    
sekicho sekichojojiro      
Senso   39078478    
Shanoyu Shanoyum      
shoefish   59726996    
sideways   57438152
Siouxsie EQSTARHAWK      
Sirius ah42 43079202    
skow   7335870    
skybluefusion Confusedalotly      
SoberSephiroth Rock1699      
SpeedFreek eXXXcelsior      
starrynight   19295292    
Stavr0 Stavr00      
stupidcomputer soundofyourname      
Sylvar SylvarUSF 2811537 Y!: sylvar
TaintedTex   31663812    
taschenrechner   597372    
Templeton templeton504      
tetrisboy heeatsrice
tftv256 tftv256      
TheABomb JustWhoDoIWork4      
TheChronicler talnkyo      
therevingingo therevingingo      
Thuper Ranger ThuperRang, Herbapet 46182113    
tftv256   18072117    
thecap   1188437    
Twiin twiin22      
Twinxor ZioMatrixAC      
Two Sheds kezinge   Jabber:
Typhen coreonce      
tyrian TRStyrian 7199288    
unperson deusxmakna    
Valrus macvalruses, thevalrus   MSN:  
vectormane vectormane      
VirtualWolf   25491907    
Voodoo Chile fuzzlesnaps 259929488    
WarMachine   25738485    
wertperch   5720564    
wh00t   342450    
wish23x erretter      
winged_one supersoakersj      
Walter waltermonkeyfrog      
Wiccanpiper RoadboyIL      
Wintersweet   19304051    
wonko   454832    
WonkoDSane w0nk0dsane      
WonkoTheSane Phriquancy      
wonko6942 trekkie314 172137403 Y!: wonko_the_sane_6942,
Wuukiee wuukiee81      
Xenex xenexx      
Yablo BrianBlar 23271724    
yerricde YerricDE      
yossarian   955945    
Ysardo Ysardo      
Zanth   4912877    
Zari   10787799    
zoinksbear zoinksbear