I and my friend were at some arcade, and played some Chrimsom Skies clone.. Like none of my friends, he didnt like fuzzy dice either, so he didnt want to notice the dice in the plane either. The game ended, and I said that it DID have fuzzy dice, and when a repairman of the place heard that, he came to tell him that the fuzzy dice were the most expensive technology in the whole arcade. He showed that there were two large normal dice in a wind tube at the top of the room, with bright light aimed towards them from a one sided mirror. The light reflected from the dice travelled through the mirror and a long tube that led to the console, and into a tray of liquid inside it. The tray was one of the mirrors, but the reflecting liquid on it added blurryness into the image, making the dice seem fuzzy. My friend thought this was the most insane thing he'd ever heard, but I found it cool!

When we were leaving the arcade, we noticed several short tracks with four planks on each of them. Dog breeders came in, and two dogs went to each plank on the track. We were leaving, but I told that I'd just GOTTA see how on earth could they mate a german shephard with a small mop-like dog! That was one of the most grotestue things I'd ever seen, but we left before they finished..

When we were finally outside, we noticed an shed with army equipment outside it. This seemed interesting, so we went to look check it. We sneaked outside it, and when I heard someone moving inside, I told my friend we should leave, but he didnt mind. I looked through a crack between the boards and saw someone coming out, so I ducked and silently run away, no matter what he thought. I laid flat behind a small grassy hill, waiting for him, but then I heard alarm sirens and saw him running towards me with WWWWolf! He was wearing a t-shirt, shorts and a stetson with fly fishing lures on it, completing the fly fishing rod on his hand. I got up and ran to our bikes, parked next to army bikes, so soldiers were running for exactly same location. I sat on my Harley Davidson and put my backpack on my back, but by the time I finished that, one of soldiers got on the bike next to me, and tried to grab me. I tilted my bike away from his reach and kick-started it, while WWWWolf snapped him with a fishing lure. We all got to the road at the same time, but so did soldiers. I kicked one's bike off the road, and slowly got in front of the other bikers. I thought about how my friends were doing, but I woke up..

1. I was in some strange castle with my girlfriend. She had been tasked with doing something at the very top of the highest tower, and I decided to join her. The first stair leading there was a spiral type, but so narrow I could not fit two feet beside each other on the steps. It was encircled with a tight-fitting metal lattice with square holes in it, and it started suspended in air, level with my neck. I had to pull myself up to start climbing. My girlfriend had no problems with it however, and left me struggling to pull myself up to start climbing, and later fight my way upwards.

When I finally got to the top of this nightmare of a staircase, I saw there was a broad, marbled staircase leading down again, and I decided to walk down it to find out if I could have avoided the one I just came up. I came about halfway down before it stopped, a couple of stories above the floor below.

2. I was walking along a path, turning steadily to the left, and wide enough for one man. It was enclosed by high rock walls on both sides. I emerged into someones front yard, but instead of following the road to where I was going, I went up to the left to behold the ravine I had just walked through from above. The nature was wild and green, but with tropical trees and japanese hill-formations. Turning away from the ravine, I discovered some birds standing in my way.

They were tall enough to reach my chest, and fiery yellow and orange in colour. Appearantly oblivious to my presence, they were in some sort of conflict with a smaller black bird who fought fiercely back, verbally. I wondered if the large birds might be hostile to humans, but as I moved slightly towards them, they backed off to keep the distance constant.

Ignoring the birds, I went back the way I came, but was distracted by a pond with a small cave into the mountain at the waters edge. Naturally I had to crawl into the cave to see where it went. I ventured through a maze of passages and intersections, and soon decided this had to be a kennel for the birds I had seen outside, where they rested at night. Eventually finding an exit, I saw it had a door that could be closed. I figured whoever owned the kennel wouldn't want the birds to exit like me, so I closed it.

I found myself in a house -- more like a sprawling mansion really -- to which the front yard I'd seen earlier belonged. I decided to go find someone and tell them I'd closed the door to the bird kennel. I tried to talk to everybody I met, but nobody knew english, they just silently shook their heads when I asked.

Now the dream became blurry, but I tried talking to someone who looked like an englishman, and a very devious one at that, but he just looked silently at me when I asked. After finding out the lord of the place was completely nuts and his Chief of Security equally mad, but in a different way, I somehow ended up by the kennel exit agian.

The Chief of Security was shorter than me and fat, with glasses and his blond hair cut very short. He was explaining something to me, pointing his gun back and forth. On impulse, I went for the gun and tried wrestling it from his grip. While we struggled, the other people I'd spoken to arrived, but nobody seemed to mind. I finally got the gun when the barrel broke above my adversary's grip, and I pointed it at him as he backed away.

Now the lord of the mansion entered the room, but he just looked at me pointing the broken gun at him, and ignored me. He was appearantly planning to enter the bird kennel to check something. Again on impulse, I gave him the gun. At once he shot wildly about himself, and at me, but luckily it just went 'click' repeatedly.

Nobody else seemed to think his behaviour strange, and now he started ordering people into the kennels. The devious english-looking guy was appearantly planning to stay, and whispered, for my ears only, "If you want to live, stay".

A woman of my acquaintance had been asked to speak to the students of a nearby high school. The students had voluntarily assembled in the gym to hear her speak. During the years I'd known her, this woman had become famous and successful, and I was very jealous. In order to spy on the event, I climbed up the outside of the building, hanging on mostly to heavy old ivy, and peeked in through a small high window. I could just see her hair and face and her hands when she gestured.

Star Trek: The Original Series dream last night. I'm not a trekkie, and I haven't even watched an episode in months. I'm just a twisted fuck.

Star Trek: Space Opera: I don't think I was Captain Kirk, exactly, but I did seem to be in charge of the Enterprise. We had been boarded by pirates. Not space pirates, pirates of the ocean. They seemed to think they controlled the ship, and were about to dismantle it to claim the metal, for they were suffering from a steel shortage of some kind. They had no useful weapons, but eventually one of them found a couple of phasers that the crew had mistaken misplaced. I stunned him with my phaser and grabbed his. When he recovered, he pulled another one, so I had to stun him again. He was very confused, because I think he didn't know what a phaser was, and didn't believe a weapon could just stun you. Eventually, the primary crew (Bones, Spock, Uhura, Scotty, a red shirt, and myself) allowed ourselves to be captured, just for amusement. During the trial (mutiny? I'm not sure) I declared "Transport!" and we all hit our magic federation buttons and beamed to engineering, scaring the heck out of the pirates in the process. (I know, the magic federation buttons didn't exist until TNG). But Bones got screwed up during transport, and was stuck in the floor, and while I was trying to help him, the ship shook like crazy, like it had been hit, and a computer monitor fell on me, pinning me to the floor. Then the pirates came rushing in, and I kept having to stun them to keep them from overwhelming us. Too many Trek dreams. Maybe I'm supposed to be a Trekkie. I just can't bear the smell of other Trekkies, though.

I was a woman in my dream and I was alone in the dark in my 3 story house. I walked in the house from the garage, I had just gotten back from the store. The house had huge windows on the bottom floor everywhere, I saw headlights coming up the grass at the back side of the house and I got scared. I crawled below the window and peeked outside the drapes but still could not see who it was.

I ran upstairs to search for something, anything really to defend myself with. I rushed down the spiral stairs and saw more and more cars coming towards the house. I prayed that they would get whatever it is they wanted and just leave me alive. I ran around the house locking every door I could find. I locked the front doors, the back doors, even the side door. I ran to the front of the house and heard the jingle of keys and I saw the door knob turn and the door opened.

In walked a man, I figure my husband with a cake telling me that all this was a surprise and a joke in one. I was so terrified in my dream that I laughed and cried at the same time.

Don't remember anything else, odd to be a woman.

I had a dream last night. It was a cool dream that I killed people. Well it all started at school I was getting ready to go to work, when it hit me, why the fuck do I have to have to make pizzas for others. Fuck that. So I get a gun somehow, and I put it in my pants. I walk in as usual say nothing do my business; clock in and wait. The phones start ringing like crazy, too many orders start coming in. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!! I scream and pull my gun out. My crew workers are all like what the fuck with an evil look I said that’s right you are going to die now. You Etna for being a bitch to me every fucking day. bang bang She drops to the floor, you Claudia for hitting me in the side my first day.Bang bang she fall to the floor. Now you Aseneth bang bang I just don’t like the way you look at me bang bang she falls. all dead. Now I take all the money and run in my car. I hide the money and wait like four hours shoot myself in the arm go to the police tell them what happened and that’s it. My TV woke me up. I need to continue that dream because if I getaway free I will do it.

My wife had an awful dream last night. Her moaning and muffled voice conveyed terror, and it woke me up from a sound sleep.

I put my arm around her waist, which usually calms her down when she's having a nightmare. This time it didn't work. After a few more minutes, she sat upright and called out for my son Eryk. She was now awake, and I told her she had a scary dream.

At that point she began to cry, which was very unusual for my wife. She explained that she and Eryk were on a dock, and he slipped off and couldn't swim. My wife tried to jump after him, but she could only stick one arm and her head under the water. She watched him struggling as he sank, then became still. The thing that made her cry was she saw his face as his breath ran out, his hair billowing around his face as he dropped below the ambient light level.

She went upstairs and slept in his bed the rest of the night. I have a feeling he's in for some huge hugs and kisses when she comes home tonight.

My dream was rather odd...

I woke up in my dream, hit the alarm clock and go through my morning routine. I walk into the bathroom, begin undressing, and gasp in shock. *I was a woman!* I patted my face, breasts, everything, just to confirm what I was seeing. I qucikly pulled my pajama pants back on and raced to the phone in my room, calling my friend Tori (oddly enough, neither of our parents were home. Funny.) "Tori, I need help, bring over an outfit and I'll explain everything."

Silence for a moment. "What? Are you ok Matt? You sound funny."

"Just do it!" I screamed, then hung up. She came over, standing in shock at my appearance as I dashed into the shower with the clothes and washed up. After that we set off and caught the bus to school. Oddly enough, no one really noticed that much that I was the opposite sex. Now that's really odd.

Is this normal? Am I going insane? Is this just a result of me reading Saige and Magenta's nodes here on E2 or is it something else? Uh, I'm probably making a mountain out of a molehill here, sorry.
Dreamers, Awaken!

  • Daytime at Porter College with my friends, Allen and August--I'm having a very lucid dream. I consciously decide that I want to do some metaphysical experiments with the dream reality. Though I think about it often while awake, it's not so often that I can form a firm enough resolve to experiment and not get distracted--to not let the act of dream manipulation become yet another dream storyline to get swallowed up in along with my will and concentration. To that end I perform the dream spinning technique to focus my mind on the felt presence of immediate experience. My friends follow suit after I describe the benefits. Along the same lines, I put my attention into my body, feeling the perfect realism of elastic tendons, convoluted muscles, circulating breath and functioning internal organs. I also rub my hands on the cement ground beneath my feet, concentrating on the perfectly chaotic texture and my tactile sense. As a first step in reality control I levitate my body one foot off the ground. Allen and August do the same. After sliding around the quad on an invisible force I decide that I want to will something into existence. The image of my friend Lianna comes to mind so I attempt to manifest her presence. But try as I might, I don't have complete faith in my ability so she doesn't appear. I give up the attempt and walk into the dining hall.

    Another idea occurs to me: I want to leave the confines of this physical body in the dream world and project my perception into the "real" waking world. As soon as the thought comes, I am elsewhere. Though I'd expected to be in my own bedroom, hovering above my sleeping body, I am somewhere else entirely. Unfortunately I have little memory of this period of time. At some point I'm back with Allen and August at Porter, and they're wondering where I've been. An in-depth conversation ensues--the subject: dreams and reality.

    There are many levels of being which together compose the totality of all existence. The primary ones humanity is currently concerned with include the physical, mental, emotional and astral. While the true universe is infinite, and the possibility of enlightenment is everpresent, intelligent beings generally move through this infinite space roughly in the aforementioned order. This "motion" is usually perceived as an ascension or evolution, but that's really just an artifact since all paths lead to the same place. Dreaming teaches an important lesson in this phase of the Earth School because dreaming pulls the Self out of the physical for a while up into the astral. In that place, matter is shaped by thought itself and events are shaped by the will. But to the average dreamer, this appears not to be the case. She is completely taken in by the illusory images, people, places and events which greet her every night. While in the dream, she believes the dream is real--which is no surprise since it is totally convincing, despite the strange and fantastic events which may transpire. Maybe you have a recurring dream where you're captured by mercenaries, they throw you off a cliff and you die. On the way down you're belly is filled with that shocking tingle of weightlessness and near-death. Then you awaken in your bed and what a relief! It was just a dream! It wasn't even real, though it seemed so at the time. But if one has enough practice with this lesson, one learns to have a similarly relieving sensation while still dreaming--at which point you can interrupt your swift descent towards death and fly back up the cliff. There's even no need to be angry at your killers because you were never in any danger! So this lesson and its infinitely subtler variants are taught to you every night--the dream is an astral training mode for the "real" physical world. And the moral of the story is this: there's no need to wait until "death" to realize that this world is just an elaborate dream--the biggest, best story ever told--you can have that realization right now. You may have heard that you need to attain some morally-pure sainthood like the Buddha in order to become enlightened. That's bullshit, just another plot element of the story. Anyone can reach enlightenment anytime in an instant awakening (satori).

    Yes, you.

    And whether you believe me or not, simply take note, without interpretation, of what's on the screen of your reality movie right now. Make it a habit and you may start to notice the clues.

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