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The night had started out when I came home bearing a small kitten in the palm of my hand. She was no bigger than the palm of my hand, laying out like a tiny white sausage with black spots. Her eyes were closed with a tiny pink nose and incredibly sharp claws and teeth for something so wee and small. I was bringing love home to my cat who I call Spot. Spot needs company because she's not always going to have me in her life.

Suddenly I was at the library which was remarkably crowded but more interestingly everyone was quiet like they ought to be in a public or private library. This library was a condensed version of the library I would frequent back in New Jersey. The one in my hometown not my father's hometown but that's neither here nor there. I found myself near a long bookcase where a woman confronted me. She proclaimed that I was a frog and wanted to videotape me. The truth that I was a rabbit became a dangerous truth. Should she come too close or record me in some fashion then my ruse would be revealed with dire consequences.

Thankfully I was able to maintain my ruse but this woman went on to record other things leaving me in danger of being mechanically observed, even peripherally, and drawing attention to me. Suddenly the lights went out and the only person I could see was this one chick. She has big cans but what stood out more than her secondary sexual characteristics was the fact her eyes were luminous. Not some romantic allusion to glowing, they were literally glowing like someone took out her eyeballs and replaced them with fifteen watt lightbulbs which happened to have a blue cast.

Here's the scary part.

Ms. Eyes got her hands on that digital video recorder and started playing it for her own amusement. In the distance I could hear the church bell toll midnight which sent Ms. Eyes into screaming fits. I stopped the playback while she composed herself. She asked me to start playing the video again so I could see what was so dreadful and terrible on the recording. She explained to me that the video was taken at noon and when she started playing the videotape for herself it was midnight. The recording of the tolling of the noontime bells synched up perfectly with the midnight bells. Those was an omen that filled me with dread. I found some solace in the fact that when I started up the playback again the bells didn't make it fifteen o'clock or something because it was now out of synch.

You had to be there.

After my ICQ stopped working yesterday around midnight and because of the fact that I had to get up today at 9 AM I decided to write a final SMS to my girlfriend and then go to bed. It has to be said that I suffer from acne on my back, and for six months now (since the beginning of december) I took pills against it, this makes 50mg pure Vitamin A per day. Because 30mg (this is the dose I take once every evening) is pretty heavy for my kidney and my circulation in general you're supposed to take the pills during a meal..which I didn't do yesterday. (In addition to that, you should take the pills only in winter, because the Vitamin thins your skin and you can get sunburns much easier.) So my six months were over, and I had only 40mg left three days ago. Basically I would have taken so few in a single day, I can't remember why I didn't, but yesterday, when I was shutting down my computer I saw my pill box and thought: "Finish it". The last thing I ate yesterday was some bread with cheese about eight hours before going to bed and at around 10 PM I drunk half a liter of milk. I took the final 20mg at midnight and flushed them down with two small drafts of water and fell asleep soonly.

My alarm was set to 9:30 AM, I woke up at around 8 o'clock with a terrible headache. I wasn't able to get up, nor I wanted to. I lay there, trying to cover my head as good as possible, half asleep, until about 9 AM when I finally stood up. I thought about where the headache could come from and got to the point that the Vitamin A was the villain. I went into the bathroom as quickly as possible and drank half a liter of lukewarm water. I felt the urge to play Crimson Skies, so I sat down in my stool and booted the computer while my headache bettered slowly. After about 20 minutes of play I suddenly remembered my dream that night. Either I woke up earlier, fell asleep again and therefore couldn't remember it when I woke up, or I woke up by the headache and couldn't think of anything else than my pain in this moment. I was thinking about whether the sun woke me up again somewhere in the early morning (read the first paragraph of Dream Log: May 20, 2004 for a description of the sun-problem), but by the content of the dream I close down that the pills and the following dehydration were the sole causation for my achiness. Whatever, here comes the dream:

I was at my dermatologist. It was, like in every dream, not the same flat as it is in reality, but it was definitely my dermatologist, a slightly smaller room which reminded me of the school's doctor at my old school which I left four years ago, arranged with some strange old fitment (kind of reminded me of the furnishing of the psychiatrist's rooms in SimHospital). I sat there, my skin was as fair as always and my doctor told me that she would get me a cream which I had to use during summer in order to protect my skin. She left the room and after a while I started to get acne pustules all over my body, especially on my arms and hands. They were growing really fast and where looking like I had the plague, I also didn't want to touch them because I was afraid that they would burst.. About 15 minutes later the doctor came back with a tiny tube and started to apply the white cream onto the pustules, which made them disappear after a few minutes. When I took the tube myself and started to spread the cream myself really fast and impatient I woke up with my terrible headache.

It's now 12:09 AM, I'm in my English course and the headache is getting better.

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