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On this day in 1819, American poet Walt Whitman was born in West Hills, Long Island.

About his work, Whitman said:
"I am as bad as the worst, but thank God I am as good as the best."

In his honor, I sound a barbaric yawp over the rooftops of the world.

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Pseudo_Intellectual is supposed to have achieved Level 11 (Godhead) with his 13021 XP and 4500 writeups today. Voting/Experience System says 13000 XP and 2000 writeups required. But it seems EBU and his home node were not informed of the new level.

I've completed all the surah in The Holy Quran translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali last night. However, a few big surah still needs to be broken up. BTW, I've made it into EBU.

Nodes to node

Memorial Day was spent home alone as hubby is a restaurant manger and works holidays. I did make BBQ Ribs, corn on the cob and bakers for dinner. It's becoming more infrequent that we can all as a family go out and do something together. We did manage a trip to the Dairy Queen one warm night this week. We ate our ice cream in the car in the parking lot and Number One Son along with Hubby played a guessing game with the songs on the radio. Age of Acquarius was playing and my son guessed Three Dog Night. Hubby told him they do have a number in their name. Lulu was singing To Sir, With Love so I noded about her and the lyrics the next day.

In the mail Number Two Son received a note from Mr. R his English teacher and a certificate for Best Student and will be on his "Wall of Fame" forever. Only two students a year get an award from him, the other is for Perfect Student. He wanted to know what I considered better, being best or perfect. I tried to explain that as a teacher I can have a student who gets every word spelled right, good grammer and punctuation, and I would call that a person Perfect Student, but the Best Student is the one who uses his/her imagination in writing and tries to apply what s/he has been taught about, the structure and use of words creatively. His art work is (brag... brag:) in a showing starting June 28 - July 31 at a well know Park Gallery. No opening reception, but a showing only.

Elsie a neighbor came by today and asked for the Sunday paper. Another neighbor's son Brandon was featured in it. He's a near drowning victim. They were celebrating his 18th birthday and High School Graduation. The doctors say he won't make it to his 18th birthday so it was an early celebration. When he was 4 he nearly drowned in a Jacuzzi. He played all the time with Number One Son till then and suddenly his life changed forever. The High School Diploma was an honarary one. So sad it must be for his mother to see my son go to the prom, date, play basketball ,etc. We still talk when I go by on my walks.

Put on my MIA/POW braclet Monday. Took it over to Steve next door, he restores cars for a living. The black lettering was fading so he sprayed it with some black primer and gave it a quick polish for me. He's got a goofy kind of philosophy on life, (too many paint fumes my hubby jokes with him) but he's a good guy. It's annoying, catches on things when I clean, but it reminds me of who Sgt. Kenneth Lancaster was and what he did. I will wear it until Veteran's Day. I can still see Cindy Cryderman standing in the hall at Rudyard High School crying and screaming. Her brother who had been in Vietnam for only a few days when his bunker was shelled and he was killed instantly while he slept. Just like that he was there last week joking and teasing us, gave my sister her first hickey and then he was gone.... In my Dream Log for May 28th I forgot to mention that on the doors on base housing I saw Christmas Wreaths. These were hung on the doors of servicemen who were MIA and the wreaths stayed there, brown and dead and falling apart, till the fathers, brothers,or husbands remains were found. I remembered these too. Fathers of friends Missing In Action, there were at least six wreaths on the street where I lived on base in Michigan.

No Matter What

Now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; and the greatest of these is love.
- 1 Corinthians 13:13(NRSV)

Because He First Loved Me.......one of the first songs I can recall learning in Sunday School, today suddenly took on a new meaning. I was loved by God first, before any human could rise up and hurt me, he loved me first, no barriers, no boundaries, simply love.


15:52 EET

Guess what? It's friday!

Well, not really. But with a national holiday tomorrow, this sure feels like it. Too bad we have to come back to work on the real friday.. but nobody works too hard that close to the weekend anyway.

This has been one of those exhaustingly long workdays again. The bus I take to work had broken down, and they missed a shift. I had to visit the bank too, so I arrived at the office promptly at 12:40. Everybody's leaving at 16 o'clock, so I'm not going to stick around any longer either.
And if you check my voting history for the day, you'll see that I haven't been doing much besides noding either.
(remember that I'm a slow noder)

I guess I have to make up for my laziness next week, but now I'm off for a walk towards home. Too bad my MD player didn't arrive on time, some music would be nice.

Track of the day:  Multipara - Black China

Hmm.. Getting lots of negative XP again today. I still don't give a rodent's behind though, so do your worst!
i got flowers again today. miniature yellow potted roses in a pretty blue vase (can you say flowers.com addiction? not that i'm complaining, though ;)

martial arts practice last night ruled. the instructors are very complimentary of my flying kicks. i can't see them, and i'm never sure if i am doing them properly. i usually feel a bit like a floppy loose-jointed marionette, clumsy and uncoordinated... but i trust that my instructors would let me know of any and all areas that needed improvement. apparently my kicks are outstanding. this makes me feel awesome.

Too tired to write much. I added to Wintersweet's I-40 Road Trip. I'm in Albuquerque now. Many memories here. wish I could stay a day or two but that may mean the difference in getting an apartment in California or not. Bother.

Oof, so sleepy.

I had a nice picnic yesterday. My hax0r and I walked along False Creek and ate IGA chicken and apple chips and broccoli. My raspberries were completely devoid of any natural sweetness. I ate them today mashed up with brown sugar. Across the water was some sort of device sitting about 10 feet in to the water, with two white buoys attached to metal rods attached to what I can only describe as a space laser. Like, think Howard the Duck. Must be some kind of public art project.

Work, work, work. My partner is back from vacation on monday. Potential new company owner guy asks me how I'm managing without her - suspicious amid all the turmoil and cutbacks, I answer with a cautious "I'm pretty busy." Hmm. I'm so paranoid these days.

Hax0r has strep throat, it turns out. D'oh. Maybe I'll get strep throat for the 3rd time this year..

So sleepy.. missed a movie meet and seeing long lost friend who is just back from Montreal for the summer.. but I suppose he'll be around other times.

My cat is too curious for his own good.

i found an invitation letter of...

Software Fair

Presented by the students of

Student originated Software

Team-based Project-Oriented
Software Engineering Education

the evergreen state college

wednseday may 31, 2000
noon to 3 p.m.
3rd floor library foyer

Bike GIS
Network lab
Palm Pilot
PNNL Scientific Collaboration
Pragmactive ABPC
Roberts Rules Assembly
Virtual Forest


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