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i just finished noding another Oz book. sapped too much time today, but i figured out some easier ways of cutting and pasting the navigation. it seems to make reading the chapters easier, so i'll have to go back and put in all the previous books. most of them have been very fun, but this latest is the creepiest by far, with an old bum with a love magnet in his pocket dragging dorothy down the road. There's also a scary section with two-faced cannibals that i realized today was the source of many a nightmare when a youngin'.

also today: bought 2 3 kilo weights. read a book about jordan. bought lots and lots of coffee beans from the algerian coffee Store. and a rococo 99 percent chocolate bar.

oxford street was christmas shopper hell, and after waiting for a number 25 bus for a half hour, gave up and took the tube. mistake. escalators out. had to take long long spiral staircase down in between backpackers and people carrying large stereo boxes.

but the flat is warm, and i've reached level six, so i write a sappy haiku to my beloved:

you lift heavy weights
but the sweat reminds me of
much better pursuits.

Well, this was a much better day than yesterday.

  • Did a little bit of Christmas shopping for the kiddies. I know I'll hate myself for getting my 13 year old daughter her own phone.

  • I actually was able to go out with my wife for a cup of White Chocolate Espresso and some Espresso brownies. We get along so much better when we can relax and enjoy each other's company.

  • Got hit with an idiot portscanner. Turns out he was someone who made the attempt before, and he had the Netbus client installed (just like last time). I hate script kiddies. I switched his mouse buttons and opened and closed his CD tray until he decided he should go offline.

  • Read a few excellent nodes, added them to my list of things to vote on.

  • A special thanks to Nate and Uberfetus for granting me 25 votes (yesterday E2 forgot to reset my 60 votes and 3 C!'s). Thanks to their generosity, I am not behind on my list of things to upvote.

  • I am loathe to kill my SuSE Linux box to put Win95 on it. Started checking the junkpile for any spare Pentium Pro parts. I will do my best to keep Linux from being overwritten by Windows.

  • My daughter and I went out this morning to volunteer to clean up a hiking trail near my house. It only takes an hour or two, you get exercise, you bond, and you will feel better by helping improve your environment. Go try it!

  • Been noding quite a bit, very productive day for the writing muse.

  • Heard from Wonko. I was wondering if he was OK because he hadn't noded in a while, turned out he was on vacation (welcome back).

    Hope your weekend is progressing well.

  • Lots of node maintenance today!

    01:00 UTC

    I go out for a walk, but not in the traditional sense. I put my knees into a pillowcase, pull a shirt over my knees, and put a coat on over the whole thing. Gloves, a cape, and a hat complete the ensemble. Now I look like a legless person; I walk by swinging my body between my arms. It's a very good workout.

    04:00 UTC

    I look all over for some libraries that aalib depends on.

    05:00 UTC

    I give up and try NetPBM instead. I make my first hard-core ASCII art node: Colin, the Pin Eight mascot.

    06:15 UTC

    I use up all my votes and get the +15 XP bonus.

    06:45 UTC

    I work EDB into the argument against I want to be an Eloi.

    The rest of the day

    I'm getting awfully close to Level 5. I'll top it off with more work on a novel I'm noding for Project Nodeberg.

    I guess that today is gonna be different, and it prompts me to finally decide to write one of these day logs...

    ...You know, living with my grandparents isn't as difficult as though it would be. They're easy enough to please. As a special gift to them on their birthdays (Dec. 1 & 2nd), we are going to decorate the 40ft pine tree that they planted the day my dad was born. This is especially important to my grandma, who has decorated the tree with Christmas lights every year until it became too large to throw a string over. She has been rather sad every Christmas that the tree has been barren...

    Of course, this will be a total surprise, and no-one really knows how it will work out. Just another Carroll family adventure I suppose...

    On another note, I just finished one of my delicious hand-rolled cigarettes, and I'm starting to wonder about the harm they're doing me. I don't smoke because of some silly existential philosophy, but the whole process of rolling my own has made the smoking experience more spiritual and interesting. I wonder how this will effect my ability to give the things up...

    Oh well...

    I whine and bitch about writer's block if not in my every node, then to my own dumbfounded self whenever talking to it. But I am not a writer. I have nothing of value to say. And when I look for eloquent, inspired, perfect words to say my bit of nothing, I end up bumping into silly little brain walls. I am pathetic. I am afraid to demean myself at E2 and I am paranoid. I censor myself, I double guess myself, I have a stick up my ass. I can't express myself because I have nothing to express. But I try to try. I think that some great inner angst will produce a brilliant node. I get depressed, nothing comes of it, my illusions of grandeur are shattered, and that makes me feel worse.

         Saturday: Andreea's Birthday, Thad's Birthday, Britney Spears' Birthday... I celebrated by sending off my package to girlface and hanging out with Thad and Courtney (the dude.) I met them at Dock's where I also saw (and got the email addy of) Aimee and some other people. Dock's puppy was jumping all over the place and chewed on my hand some. Hyperactive little guy. Dock and them were hitting a gas-mask, but I let it pass.
         We stopped by some girl's workplace (Subway) and they decided to smoke with her too. Courtney (the dude) brings up that the other girl working is a complete slut, I disbelieved him until she pulled some guy in through the drivethrough. Later, at Waffle House we ran into Jeremy and Wilco, they were going to go downtown, we decided we would catch up with them. Eventually we did end up downtown (After Rob and Thad took to the ditch behind his house, in the park) and found the punk-rock group. This was the first time in a long while I chilled with any of them, they all seemed sort of wasted. Jeremy cursed Jesus (whom he so loved months ago) and Wilco was talking smack and yelling in the streets.
         They bragged about hassling people at the entrance to some club (masquerades?) until the cops asked them to leave. As soon as we get to Daulphin Street, Jeremy decides to pick on some redneck making out with his girlfriend. Words were exchanged, then shoves, then Wilbert gets involved. When the cops pull up, it's two late - two 'punk rockers' with an entourage are picking on a helpless taxpayer and are arrested. Both are obviously drunk and underage, and Wilco has an outstanding sentence for five years (if he ever was arrested again...) We're forced to leave them and drive to Dan's apartment, Dan is Wilco's room-mate. He panics and calls a bunch of jails, but neither of the two are processed yet. It's a Saturday night, they'll be in holding for hours. Poor guys. Shouldn't have gotten in a fight in front of cops.

    Wilco is the dude with the mohawk at http://freepages.ugo.com/theacceptablelosses/ , btw.


    Guess who woke up too late... Woke up around 13:00 and watched Simpsons and such.

    The Rodent seems to Act Up. I don't know why this is so; I'll use my tablet...

    Time to face the challenges of the day.


    Usenet done. News done. Total boredom, d00dz...

    Well, I'm listening to tracker music now. At mostly full volume. And I love it.

    Hmmmmmmmm... Yesterday, a lot of Deborah909 softlinks, now it seems to be Magenta's turn. When do I get my very own softlink day? Never, I guess, I'm doomed to be a loser...


    Random example of the power of UNIX: How easily can you do this in Windows?

    mpg123 -s original.mp3 | sox -r44100 -sw -t sw - -t wav -v 1.36 - | vorbize -w target.ogg (...vorbize parameters...)

    I got tired of listening to one mp3 that had too quiet volume (it's a Last Ninja 2 remix, to be exact), so I decided to volume up it a bit. Regrettably, this approach requires that I decode the file first and figure out the -v parameter value with sox tempfile.wav -e stat first... then again, that's the only way.


    Random tinkering around with Amaya, trying to make it understand RSACi ratings with PICS.

    Some idiot at W3C had decided PICS label should have double quotes inside it (and single quotes are Right Out, according to MSIE). Of course, the label is supposed to be given either in HTTP response (or META Http-Equiv tag). Now, to make a META Http-Equiv, you need to surround the CONTENT attribute value with - you guessed it - double quotes, so quoting gets screwed. Well, fortunately attribute can be surrounded with single quotes, but apparently Amaya had hard time understanding such things. Or maybe it was just a glitch.

    Anyway, I got it to understand the way PICS labels should be given... it's entirely different matter if the site in question needs RSACi label, but that's another matter.

    Other day logs o' mine...

    Noded today by y.t.: Ghost stories in computer world SVI 318 RSACi You know you've been noding too much when... foxhole Lingua::Romana::Perligata Damian Conway



    My life is getting too complicated. I want to be making easy decisions like, should I have another beer, should I smoke another bowl. These are easy decisions for me to make. But, they are not the kind of decisions I can make anymore. I have to do things like work hard and pass my classes and not smoke up so much. Last night I was kinda starting to kiss a girl at a party, and unlike the last time that happened, I wasn't THAT drunk, and I really did think the girl was cute and cool and I really would like to get to know her better and spend some time with her. But now I have no clue how to do that, because I am seriously lacking in social skills, and I don't know what to do, which means I'm not going to do anything and I'll just let her pass me by. And things in general haven't been going well. I feel like I've been making poor decisions, and I've been fucking my life up pretty bad. I need to make some hard decisions pretty soon I think, and they're called hard decisions for a reason. :-(
    1:16 PM

    I woke up at around 11am, but I thought it was more like 1 or 2. I felt like I slept too long, even though I only got about 8 hours of sleep.

    I've been listening to NASA TV today, and I heard them mention that Outlook performed an illegal operation. Isn't that scary, that they're using Outlook as a means of communication?

    I'm trying to get motivated today. I have some work left over from yesterday to finish, but I keep thinking it would be better to start on it tonight when there's nothing else to do, and I'm less likely to interrupt anyone's session if I take anything down.

    Right now, I'm kind of groggy, hungry, and I haven't taken my blood pressure medicine yet. I guess I need to take a shower, go get groceries, and take my medicine. I should probably get a haircut today as well.

    6:03 PM

    I got the groceries, had lunch (chinese food), and have been watching NASA TV in the meantime. It's really neat to see them work on stuff from the cameras that are mounted on the spacesuits. If they could show that kind of stuff more often, it would be much more interesting.

    I'm going to wait for the unfurling of the solar panels or 7pm (whichever comes first) and then head off to the gym for a 45 minute walk.

    1:30 AM

    I had a hard time working out tonight. I'm beginning to think that I'm mildly sick from my flu shot. Mr. X has a theory on those. I suddenly feel like shopping. Good thing my bank account's low. Hmm.. but I do have a couple of unused credit cards... hmmmm.

    Anyway, during my workout, I had a hard time getting my heart rate high enough, so I decided to just take it easy and just do a brisk walk for half an hour.

    I spent the rest of the night hanging out on #everything, watching the highlights on NASA TV, and browsing through the bluebird newsgroup for my next girlfriend :)

    2:17 AM

    Well, crap.. I can't put it off any longer. I'm going to have to go to sleep now, which will only temporally bring me closer to work. And I know it's going to be a bad day tomorrow. It's a monday and I know stuff's broke already because I broke it tonight. Oh well. I don't know if I'm going to wakeup at 5:30am to watch for the space station to fly overhead. Probably not. There'll be plenty of opportunities in the future.

    For now, I sleep.

    The other day I told Randir I wanted to go somewhere nice for dinner. Somewhere with good food that wasn't loud, where we could sit back and just enjoy a good quiet meal. So, we decided that last night would be the night. We were going to go to one of the nicer hotels but ended up going to the Elephant Walk on the spur of the moment. It is a French / Cambodian restaurant, the combination of which just sounded great. We had a really nice meal with much smiling and talking. drunkenmonkey ordered lamb, Randir had chicken, and I had Me Siem. They thought theirs was great but mine was too spicy for me. It was a nice full mouth spicing but it interfered with my really enjoying the food. Fortunately, the desert was heavenly.

    Afterwards we got in the car and dm asked if we felt like going for a drive. Randir and I were both cool with it.. so off we went. Something about the meal, maybe the desert, made me sleepy so I laid down in the back and drifted off to the sound of their voices. Not hearing words, just, sleeping to the quiet conversation of friends.

    When I woke up randir said "We're in New Hampshire"




    Apparently dm had never been so we went. They asked me where the major shopping area was in Nashua... so we went to the Pheasant Lane Mall and drove around the empty parking lot. It was 12:35 and 21 degreed Fahrenheit when we stopped at Pizzeria Uno and used their bathrooms.

    On our way back we discussed how there is an interesting thing between us where 2 of us always have something in common. I think there is a good node in that. Like 2 are gay, 2 havent' had long term relationships, 2 are extroverts, 2 used to be introverts, but, with us, it is fairly well balanced with which 2 rotating between me and dm, dm and randir, randir and me. And we kept having new sets of 2 interspersed through the conversations that followed.

    But, the ride home was too short, and I wished I had of been awake for the ride there.

    This has been a pretty boring weekend thus far... All my friends are in some way involved with the production of our school musical (Fiddler on the Roof), so I haven't seen them since Friday at school.

    I've been relaxing, though. I wasn't really in the mood to go to school on Friday, but I did it anyway just so I wouldn't fall any further behind. I went to every class, except for gym, for which I substituted band room relaxation. You can usually tell the teacher you were there and get credit for class you didn't attend, anyway.

    Yesterday we looked at a house across town that we wanted to move into. My parents both loved it, but they wanted my sister's and my approval. We liked the house, so we're set to move in sometime in March. I'm pretty excited, it's a beautiful house, and I'll have a cable outlet where my desk should go. Cable modem... here I come.

    I spent today doing absolutely nothing, and I loved it. I slept late, I read some more of Les Miserables, I ate, and I watched TV. No homework this weekend either. Very nice.

    I've also come back from my noding drought, too... Kudos to me.

    The party was Counterbalance by letter Q productions at Gee Coffee in Olathe. Psydereal had finished her program, so we picked up Mr. Grumpy Butt and headed out. The party was only $8 admission, making $40 plenty to get in and roll. When we arrived at the party we saw the huge line outside. We shuddered at the thought of standing out in the 25° with nothing more substantial than a t-shirt or tank top on. Once we got in the line, a car came around the corner followed by a cop car flashing it's lights. Someone in the line yelled, "Swallow your pills."

    Being so cold the line was not moving at all. Someone came back and said girls could go on in. So Psydereal gave Mr. Grumpy Butt her coat and we headed on in. They took our binkies at the door because they said they were paraphanelia. After paying our admission and getting our wristbands we went in search of some rolls. The mission turned out to be quite easy. We ran into a guy from one of Psydereal's classes, and he told us where to get some. The guy we bought the pills off of turned out to be really nice. When we went to get our money, we found out the people at the door had given us too much change. So we got in for $3.

    As the night went on the rolls kicked in, and they were good. We danced and danced and danced. Unfortunately, I ended up puking in the corner, but afterwards I still felt good. Mr. Grumpy Butt was getting mad with the glowsticks. I met some really nice people, and got a lot of good backrubs. Dieselboy spun, and he was awesome. I walked around with this nice little boy named Gizmo most of the night. He asked if he could be my boyfriend for the night. So I had a hand to hold all night, and someone to lend me their sweatshirt outside in the cold. We left the party around 4am because Mr. Grumpy Butt had to work in the morning. Psydereal and I came home and immediately went to bed.

    When we woke up, we went to the mall to do some shopping. Always go shopping cracked out because you won't buy anything. While we were walking around we got so tired and hungry, we decided to go to Gambucci's and chill with some good food. That's what we did, and we came home with a big piece of the most amazing cheesecake ever.

    Yesterday: (SAT) Put up a couple of strings of Xmas lights in the bedroom as an alternative to the harsh fluorescent ceiling lights. Read most of Zelazny's Today We Choose Faces - different aspects remind me of Asimov's The End of Eternity, The Matrix, and Brazil.
    Today: (SUN) D&D, Charles's campaign session 2 at Dave's at 2PM. Adam was there (he gave the first session a miss, and I consider him one our best players), and the problem players from last session weren't, so we got a meaningful amount of play done. We nearly got our butts whupped by a band of kuo-toa (what were they doing so far inland?), none of whom we managed to capture alive. Adam's dwarf character inherited a 400-acre manor. Mine made a couple hundred crowns hawking Sleep and Mage Armor scrolls. (If you run a wizard, you can scribe scrolls at a net profit of 12.5 gp for 1st level spells, for 1XP per scroll, essentially trading XP for gold at a 1:12.5 ratio. This is a change from previous editions, where you gained XP for creating magic items. It really helps a lot for outfitting a starting character, and you won't miss the minimal XP loss in the long run.) After some consideration, I stopped production of Sleep scrolls - I suspect it would be bad mojo to flood the local market with offensive magic. We ended in a cliffhanger, with Adam's and my characters facing unstoppable death.
    Been working with Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way. I find myself fighting to fill 2 handwritten pages a day. I'm constraining myself a bit, as my journal is kept on the computer, Cameron specifies a handwritten daily exercise, and I don't care to overlap the journal and the exercises. I feel like I've already compromised the spec a bit, since I only do 2 pages a day rather than 3, on the rationale that they're full 8.5" x 11" college ruled, and my writing is narrow. Often it's just whatever it takes to fill the space: vulgar nonsense rhymes and free-association.
    I think the first utterance (even if it is in ICQ) of the words "I love you" merits a day log, a little green X on the calendar, purple ink in the diary, however you handle it. I have a candle on my desk I've never burned before. Maybe I will do it tonight. Granted, that admission was made in the context that we were breaking up. But at least, at least, at least. I will probably find the saddest music I know and crank it up loudly tonight, after my roommates have gone to sleep.

    Also newsworthy is that I stood up to an evil man (Jeanne described him as a vibe munch, and that he is). And, when I went out to eat with the girls, another evil man crossed my path, and made a little scene when I ignored him.

    This is temporary, this surge of power and perception. But I have to enjoy it.

    Last night the sky was purple in Corvallis, and the park across the street from my house is shrouded in fog. I love it. I am in love with this town, and with my friends and the easy (awful) life I lead. This is the kind of day I can be grateful even for the bad things, now that big pictures are starting to form in my head.
    Took Danny to see Taproot, the Deftones and Incubus at the Sundome. I was floored! Felt a little old jumping around with all the kiddy-widdies, but it's things like this that will keep me young.

    Baked like an id10t yesterday morning, getting in touch with my whole mothering thing. Made sure everyone was fed and had beer. I go on 'do unto others' binges like that now and again.

    I don't know, maybe I'm building up some good karma. That's good, because I have a few HUGE confrontations ahead of me.

    Of all people, you should stop lying to Kathleen.

    Today was a good day.

    New Toys are Good

    I mentioned yesturday that I purchased a new toy, specifically I purchased a new printer: I bought the Epson 2000P. It is very cool, and it kept me up all that morning burning through ink like I could shoot it out my nose and harvest the drippings for free.

    The printer is so good in fact, that it will require its very own node review after I have had enough experience with it to verifiy that it still is as cool as I think it is. Right now I am in a state of new purchase euphoria. This is a dangerous state for me to be in, as it usually requires me to purchase lots of accessories for my new toy. With the rate that I am burning through ink, I will be buying lots of stuff to feed it real soon now.

    I printed a picture of some rhinos I had taken at the San Diego Zoo awhile back. I needed to tweak with the color-correction settings a bit before everything was all good, but in the end the print looked better than the one I had professionally done on a Kodak dye-sub. What's even cooler is that this print should last for 200 years. Far out!

    Service? Service...Service!

    I awoke around eleven o'clock in the morning that day, got ready and my brother and I went to Lund's resturant. Normally they aren't a bad place to catch a quick brunch. However, I have a theory about when the average age of a resurant is below a certain age (say 17) or above a certain age (perhaps 65): the food and/or service cannot always be good.

    In short, our server was slow and went she brought my oatmeal pancakes they were burned on the outside and raw and cold on the inside. No good. Turn down the burner man!

    My Conservatory Gal...

    I dropped off my brother and went to a classical concert with my girlfriend at the Minnesota History Center's 3M auditorium. It was very good.

    The program was arranged, and in large part, performed by Sung-Nam Kim a darn good violin player and my girlfriend's former teacher. She's a conservatory gal.

    The music that they opened with was a bit too modern for my liking. But the program got progressively better and the acoustic qualities of the auditorium and the instraments made the other concert I went to in the evening look like puppy shit.

    Dave, Dave, where for art thou volume?

    One of my favorite all-time bands is Dave Matthew's Band and I was extremely excited to be able to get band issued tickets to their show for myself and for my brother. It was slighlt a dissapointment.

    The truth be told, the acutal stage performance was great: Dave's set-list, stage antics, and the light show were all top-notch. However, the sound was just horrible! The audio people didn't have the vocal balence figured out until at least until more than half of the show was over.

    The crowd was so young that all they did was scream their heads off: even during soft songs and solos. I imagine it was something like attending a Beatles concert in the 60s with the exception that not only were the girls screaching, but the beer-guzzling frat boys felt the need to contribute their un-welcome vocalizations as well. It was alsmost impossible to hear anything.

    My guess is the the problems they were having with mixing and volume were a direct result of the band's recent upscaling to stadiums from large halls. They used to play venues in Minneapolis like the Orpheum Theater; and although I never attended one of those shows, I heard it was most enjoyable! Bummer!

    Thankfully our seats were good enough that we could enjoy the visual aspects of the show. Dave is a very expressive singer and so is the rest of his band, especially that far-out fiddle player of his. It was worth going to the show just to strain to hear some of cuts off of their new album. Sadly, I don't think they played their new upcoming single Diggin a Ditch.

    I am also thankful that I was able to smuggle my digital camera into the show by hiding it in my pants. Before I entered the stadium I tucked it in front of my pecker and fished the camera-strap up the front of me, underneath my shirt, so I could hook it on the shank of one of my shirt's buttons to keep the camera from falling down the one of my pant legs. My little plan executed without a hitch. They patted me down and made me open my coat--the goods were not found. I took some bitching shots: let me know if you want to see 'em.

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