This is kind of funny actually. Last week I wrote a node stating that I had a midterm on the twenty second of June. Well, as it turns out I got the day wrong, and for some reason I started believing that both my Accounting 210 and my Chemistry 105 midterms were on Tuesday June 27th. I'm notorious for waiting until the last minute, so this time I decided to study hard and study early. I spent the entire weekend studying for both those exams, plus I had a lab assignment to hand in, and the chemistry teacher gave us a test on the Friday before. Well, Tuesday comes around, I hand in the lab assignment before class and I casually quiz my fellow classmates about how well they expect to do on today's exam. Well, guess what? The exam wasn't today. That test she gave us on Friday? that was the midterm. Talk about an easy class!

The other midterm I thought was Tuesday is the Accounting one. I was all ripped to go in and ace it, but I got the day wrong on it too. It turns out to be on Wednesday instead. One whole extra night to study! Plus, the class we had Tues. was so unattended that he decided to just do a review for the midterm instead. Man, I love my life.

The moral of the story is: Buy a day planner. Keep it with you. Write everything down in it. In pencil.

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Well I came to meet a part of myself that I haven't known for a long time. This part of me is the real me. I thought I was over my depression before but now I know I am. I know I could become depressed again in the future that I learned from my past but now I know that I can always get over it. Also on a lighther note this is my last node to level 3 :D woot'n.

I do know that I shall never become depressed as long as my family and friends are there for me and i'm there for them.
I want everything to fall into place. I want for the closing of my lids to mean more than the end of a day. If there wasn't this little undercurrent of negativity I could be much happier and I'd probably drift off to sleep very content. I didn't even talk to him today, my dad, that is, yesterday we just fought.. this seems odd to me. We live in the same house but I remember exchanging not even a single word. This is nearly the same as far as my mother is concerned, though she did tell me not to use a lot of dishes tonight, and we had a conversation about stamp purchasing earlier. Distance... a lot of distance in the family, not unusual I guess, but unwelcome in some ways.

It's so cold in here tonight, partly because the window is open, well, mostly for that reason. I don't really have the ambition or energy level to get up and close it so instead I'll pour my little heart into text as I usually do, until I can't write anymore, until my brain tells me that the time to be awake is over..

I'm listening to Celine Dion, which I normally wouldn't do since I'm not much of a fan.. but I've some sweet memories from a few of her songs that tend to make me a little bit more stable, thought-wise. The "Power of Love", her version, I recall a wedding and what I'll always view as the epitome of true love.. that first dance, it seems so profound, whether marriage in itself holds much significance.. that dance always sticks in my mind. I'm not sure exactly why, but it seems like something that might be amazing to experience.

My eyes are so terribly tired, but it matters not really my brain still has much awareness left in it. I sometimes wonder at the oddness that is the level of conciousness that I can maintain even when my body refuses to let me stay up, awake, if you will. If only I could be so alert physically as my mind seems to be right up until the last ounce of energy seeps from me and I collapse in bodily exhaustion. It's rarely a mental tiredness.. I wonder why that is..

I'd like to take a moment to say, "Gooo toasty!", to ToasterLeavings, and wish him the best of transcontinental thought'y goodness in his quest to rid himself of that most awful of habits, smoking. It will be an uphill climb, my dear little friend, and you'll be kicking and screaming (most likely at any human that crosses your path of nicotine withdrawl induced rage) the whole way, but you can do it, I've faith in you leetle one. Look to Froggy for inspiration..

I'll be off for a bit just now, to contemplate if I should wander into dreamland, or if I can fight unconciousness for just a bit longer.. I just want to fix all the broken little humans.

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Ok, it's 10:15 am, and I am determined after I finish this day log writeup to not even look at Everything until I have finished the report that I get to present to our group tomorrow, about how unit testing went for our last release. I wish I had it already done, but that's what happens when noding is more fun.

What a fun morning it's already turned out to be. When I got out of the shower, I thought I heard a noise that I couldn't quite identify, so I just listened for a bit, and heard nothing. So I went ahead, and started to get dressed. There I am, in the bedroom, wearing only underwear, when this guy comes up the stairs - and of course the door is open, nobody's supposed to be there.

Well, he immediately heads back down far enough to not be seen, and I ask what he's there for... he tells me to clean the carpets, and asks if the apartment complex told us about it. No, they'd didn't. My heart's just a pounding away, like it's trying to escape. So he finally says he'll come back later after taking care of a couple other units. Well, I try and call the office, but they don't open until 9. And now I'm worried that he's not really there to clean the carpets, since we would have been notified, and is instead there with a key somehow to clean out the apartment.

Finally, I decide to head to work, since I can't just wait until the office opens. Eventually the office actually opens, and it's found out there was a mistake - they weren't supposed to clean our apt, but another one. So they contact the carpet guys, and correct that. It's not like we needed our carpet cleaned anyways - we just moved in.

What a morning... I hope the day gets better, not worse. At least the plant is already looking better, out of that cruel sun.

wednesday morning

today is a day for whining and feeling eight-years-old. i go into surgery tomorrow. i am scared. i might die (not likely, but still, there's that minute possibility). i'm gunna get what i want today.

i'm gunna leave work early today. i'm gunna have ice cream for dinner and cheesecake for dessert (even though these things will certainly make my gallbladder feel intensely worse, i don't want my last meal to be a fruit smoothie). i'm gunna insist on a massage while i monopolize the television set watching "survivor" and smoking bowl after bowl from my happy homemade tequila-bottle-bong. you better believe i'm gunna get some nookie. i'm gunna curl up with the man i love and drool all over his chest (and he's gunna love it). i'm gunna dream the best dreams ever, of love and happiness and hedonism.

to my lover: i dedicate to you the Song of Songs
Reporting from demo hell.

Well, it turns out that Zope is not that safe, massively engineered product that propaganda claims it to be.
Instead, it is something that works very well out of the box. The moment you try something kind of reasonable and useful to customize it to your needs, it buttfucks you with a sledgehammer, if you pardon my French.

This being said, the Zope sufferers mailing list is very supportive and nurturing.

What else: yesterday there was a power interruption that I, in my new position of King of All Things that Go Beep and Have LEDs had to investigate, which led me to visiting the power substation of the building. I was horrified, but I am too busy to faint.
Then Oracle crashed, because one the processors on the fucking big expensive very reliable gold plated Sun just tanked. This is the second one in six months, and if you ask me it is two too many for machines that cost in the >20K$.
Then the network sucks, but this was expected.

The day is nicely capped by my SO's demands for time, care and affection, which I cannot satisfy because I am in demo hell, something she cannot really understand not being a techie.
So I feel like a cold heartless bastard, and leave early and come back late at night, wondering about the day when I will die.
I feel particularly bad, because I am harboring the growing suspect that she does not entirely want me to succeed, because I am more easily accessible when some nice whack from life has cracked my shell. This is the sort of mental poison that I would normally avoid. Yet I cannot help thinking that she was never sweeter than when I was a jobless student, living on dwindling savings and sweating blood on my thesis and finals. And safely at home. Like a poodle. Boy, what bitterness.

Maybe one should just jump on a plane, say farewell to this crazy country and skip. Punt. Dump core, reboot, reinstall and go back home.
There are days I suspect that my current life is hallucination, and reality (and Milan and my family) are just waiting for me to wake up. This must be homesickness.

Oh, and the construction work goes on, with giant drills that sound as if they were right into my head: the building is like a big sounding board. Even my desk trembles.

8AM in the godsforsaken morning. Off for the permit test at the DMV. I hate you.

11AM. I do hate you all.

Nothing like long lines and public servants to inflame my misanthropic tendencies.

But I have my permit. One down in the list of things to deal with in life. Now just two jobs, eight girls, two guys, five adults, and one school to go, and my chest still hurts when I stretch. Aiyah.

Took a spin in the LA Zoo's parking lot. Such a difference between watching someone drive and doing it yourself - you can feel the car turn through the steering wheel, and get the rush off of the connection between your foot on the gas pedal and the acceleration of the car - I think I like this.

Last night's C! Challenge winnah: DMan's EA Sports NHL.

You know people, when I say I hate you, I don't really mean it. It's for rhetorical effect. I'm really amused by some of you and your actions.

Had a meeting with my company last night. Went overtime, which annoyed me, but what can one do? Such a strange group of people - one guy who sold over $8000 in 10 days and acts like it's nothing, one guy's who's sold nothing and doesn't care. Met the new assistent manager, and wasn't impressed. Friendly in a plastic way, and it shows. Of course, as someone who's working there just to learn how to interact with people better, shouldn't complain. Fair amount of attrition in the class, and not always those who you think would stop.

Found out one of my orders was screwed up - lovely. More work for me to do.

The C! Challenge Winner: Pseudo_Intellectual's s'arrai.


Well, today was a very fun day for me.
I got up and went to work, where I cater for parties. It was supposed to be a 400 person party, but only 15 people showed up, so there was nothing for the catering crew to do for four hours. We set up, we cleaned up, and nothing in between. There was TONS of leftover food, and we thought that we would get some of it, but unfortunately the person who threw the party decided to keep it all. There were some really good brownies and cheesecakes, too :(

After work I made a surprise stop by my girlfriend's house and decided to bring her over. She recently acquired a new "sister" (an exchange student from France), so she came along as well. We had a lot of fun and raced eachother in a videogame, we also went out on a boat, but no one would go swimming. Tomorrow they, as well as some other friends, will be coming over again. I talked to a guy who works at the EMP who said it was $20 for admission, but $75 for a year pass for a family. I'll try and get my family a pass so that we can all go for cheap. It's basically set up to give the deal to locals and screw the tourists. Not bad for me, since I'm a local. Oh, also, I got screwed 10 bucks because nobody told me I could be validated for parking in a special lot. That sucked, but it was a great day overall.

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