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It's been a while since the last daynode. Almost an unfathomable three days! I guess that's a great scale on how much I've been working and trying to get some rest! But, it wasn't uneventful, but nothing life changing I presume.

Again, I'm here, in the darkness. With Fin.K.L concert tape playing in the VCR and HyoLee dancing, I sit here with my keyboard. I'm no longer surrounded by darkness but with pleasant images and pleasant sounds. Eye candy usually helps ease the mind of a young man in the midst of loneliness, with the drawback of knowing that I'll never achieve a lasting relationship with one such as Yuri or Hyori. But I'll worry about that when the video turns off. Even then, I'll just rewind it then.

My infatuation with Fin.K.L and S.E.S. has driven my mind to almost remembering the words. The image of the lovely women singing the songs, combined with their very tranquil voices have led me to begin remembering the sounds of the voices in conjunction with the songs. I have no idea what they are saying but at least I remember some of the words. I don't even listen to the music much anymore. But still, I still think about the beautiful smiling faces of Fin.K.L.

Work is starting to get annoying, but thinking about it sensibly, retail isn't particularly the best job. Its easy, but not fun. Ikea is a fun place to shope but not a nice place to stay in for about 8.5 hours standing around.

I was supposed to go clubbing tonight at the Purple Onion with some old coworkers from McDonald's. But I woke up this morning, only to wake up drowsy and lacking of energy. It feels as if a leech drained my life out of me. While I wanted to see them, I wanted to bail, not wanting to collapse while dancing. Besides, I have work tomorrow at 2 PM. But to be polite, I wanted to know the details anyways, then maybe just lie about not being able to go. But in the end, it worked out so that it's been delayed until next week. Great!

I chill at home for a while, only to wallow in my own puddle of self defeat and self-indulgence. Wallowing, combined with ice cream is a great solution to anything. Finally, I call my lady friend to make sure she's okay. She wasn't feeling great the other day so I wanted to make sure she's okay. But when I called, she was with her boyfriend and an old mutual friend of ours. We met up later on, but her boyfriend picked me up because she went home first. We even went to go get milk. I go walk around Save On Foods with MrFurious all the time but I don't really know this guy that well so it was sort of weird. At least he's a nice guy.

After grabbing a cone at McDonald's and going to the arcade (two actually), I'm home again. It's now almost an hour since I started this nodelet and now its coming to an end. It's been a long day and I've been thinking too much. I need to get out of this funk. Even watching The Mummy Returns didn't really help. I need to get more sleep. You know you're too tired even when you're to tired to think about how lonely you are. Whoops. I guess I"m not that tired yet.

You run to me, crying on my shoulders, telling me how cruel the world is to you. You grasp your arms around mine, and place your face on my shoulder. I feel your tears through my shirt, and I slowly place my arms around you. Gently, my thumb rubs the tear running down your face before it hits your mouth. You calm down enough to tell me how cruel everyone is and how the world is unfair. The whole time, I listen closely, and listen to each world. While you complain how cruel the world is to you, I start thinking how cruel the world is to me. How fair is the world when you're crying to me and I'm not the one you love? You don't understand. Walk in my shoes for that moment. Then you will understand a greater power in the world than cruelty: Irony.


Nothing wierd so far...

E2 didn't respond, so while I waited, I read Usenet stuff. =)

I'm still tired, tired, tired. Maybe I should tell the local police to keep an eye on suspicious soap salesmen in case this develops into insomnia.

Oh yeah, the last night's project: Updated the fakelinker. Now it should work much better.


I worked with video files. That took a damn long time - the video editing program (in Windows) crashed a couple of thousand times, and refused to create MPEG files. I now have an interesting video with cool effects, but I don't think my friends would like to download 45 megabyte AVI files.

Sound capture didn't work at all. =(

Black & White is cool - just a bit... crashy! Still no patches?



Heh heh heh ::giggle:: ::giggle:: ::snort::... Would Gabber / Jabber would be cool if I could set "Drunk" status as ...the... away status, I think. So people... ::yawn:: (mmm... what day is it?) could note *why* people write weird shit. "Drugged" for drug users.



A lot of cool stuff with MetaSpy in #everything... =)

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: The Usenet Olympics The Usenet Olympics 1991 - Part 1 (and onward to part 4) CFV strict Agora Arena gas mask

Updated: Small helpful scripts for noders Gesture Nodes about Finnish language

Weird shite. Last few weeks I just couldn't get around to daylogs. I'd start composing the daylog in my head right before sitting down. In the end I'd have everything figured out, sorted and archived...and basically have no need to daylog.
  1. What the hell is the deal with this? Half of the people that i know have either daylogs here on e2 or personal daylog-type pages on Geocities and whatnot. I mean, come on, give me a motherfuckin break. Why the hell would you make your personal journals accessible to everyone and anyone? Wait...isn't that what I am doing now? Anyhow it's truly weird. Here I am hanging out with Stromgald every day and I have to find things from his daylog. also read melo. also read sway's rants and lani's page on geocities. I just asked sway whether i'm exhibiting any stalker type behaviour and she said that it was ok. Shrug. But this whole eveyrone has their personal daylog annoys me for no apparent reason. whatever.
  2. my wrist is ok now. it was hurting for a while. i guess the improper posture/bad furniture finally caught up with me. I went to see my familly doctor. She told me to stretch, and sit properly. Blah blah blah.
  3. I went to CanadaTrust to ask that girl out. Her name is Mijon (if i caught it properly). Her parents are from Hong Kong but she was born here. I asked her to have coffee with me on Sunday, but she promptly said that she has a boyfriend. What a terrible pitty. I said my farewells and left. Had a little lapse of judgement a bit later and hit a small postal truck. Very minor damage but still unpleasant. Headed to the gym to work off the major excess steam. Thank god for gym.
  4. Someone told me today that I'm difficult to deal with. I tried to solicit some further information but to no avail. What the fuck? That's the sort of thing that drives me crazy. Say something and not clarify it. But then I'm expecting a directive of how to live and behave, etc. I'll be damned. I'll do what I want..
  5. We played soccer today. My dad and my bro, my uncle and my cousin. Buncha friends (Ilia too! :) Soccer was excellent. I may be acquiring muscle mass in the upper half of my body in the gym, but gotta work on my heart, lungs et al..
  6. I registered for my school. Taking Data structures and Physics (two of them) in Langara. It might be fun. Nice change of pace and all of that. We'll see.
  7. I used to have a crush on this girl, for a longest time. I'm not sure what happened (as it was almost 2 years go) but it didn't work out. Perhaps it was my fault. At one point i thought i got over her completely and utterly. But then everytime i'd hear her name and see her in person it would be like a punch to the stomach followed by a lasting depression. I actually thought for a time that i found the one 'true love' type of thing deal. Well, I saw her again, about a week ago...and..nothing. But lately I've been feeling nothing anyhow. I'd be sorta good to get rid of her silent presence in my life. Perhaps it's all in my head or..I've given up some (hopefully most) of my illusions on this topic long ago..whatever.
  8. Mummy returns was stupid; but fun. I kept hearing Indiana Jones theme music. and the rock guy was funny. If you completely suspend your disbelief and look at the eyecandy you'll enjoy the movie.

    Anyhow time to finish this. before i go

    Happy birthday melo!

No samples to report today.

The world belongs to the birds now, the sky when last observed growing from the navy darkness not to a rosy dawn nor lighter tint of blue but rather to a rich turquoise.


En route to the housewarming, we agreed to complement our offerings of music (his CDs and my accordion) with food and drink. The tub of Neapolitan ice cream fit in his back pack; the bottle of ginger ale would not, so it rested in a bag hung from a handlebar. Swaying gently, bubbles stirred and forebode something greater, deeper and more sinister. While coasting a half-block down the way the cap of the agitated bottle clips a passing spoke and the bottle explodes in a pinwheel of foam, emphatic enough in its eruption to tear a new opening in its sturdy plastic shopping bag, soaking my leg in spicy stickiness. We pull over and take stock of the rapidly-changing situation. Five minutes from the party, we split the remaining quarter-bottle and agree - we no longer have a drink to bring, but something more valuable to share; a story.


How to win at Trivial Pursuit:

  • 1. The answer is JFK.
  • 2. If the answer is an American who is not JFK, it is another Kennedy.
  • 3. If it asks after a British politician, the answer is Winston Churchill.
  • 4. If the question is about baseball, the answer is Babe Ruth.
  • 5. If the baseball answer is not Babe Ruth, it is Pete Rose.
  • 6. Chicago.
In short, there are three types of questions: the kind you know or could reasonably be expected to know (only asked to other players), the kind you couldn't know but should be able to guess (using the guidelines laid out above), and the kind which neither you nor anyone else could nor should know (let it go - it wasn't meant to be).


Mass and momentum are powerful and underestimated forces - I was merely crouched, coasting, but I was accelerating away from him though he was pedalling mightily after me. Sensitivity to speed increases inordinately in relation to proximity to the ground. If riding over painted crosswalk stripes causes a jolt of pelvic pain, you are going too fast. If you cannot hear the polite honk of the car behind you through the rush of wind roaring in your ears, you are going too fast.


I had no conception of what Cambodian cuisine consisted of, though the curiosity of my mental images of pyramids of intellectual's skulls (slathered in barbecue sauce) continued to drive me to someday investigate further. With monster portions of noodles and broth (I pity da 'pho!) at a reasonable price the aquariums and jackfruit milkshake (none finer available anywhere!) pushed this spot over the top as the King of local 4 am refuelling stations - a title perhaps of dubious distinction and station.

My beard is now long enough that the back of it requires being bent back on itself before being wrapped up in its front segment. Alternately, mayhaps I should just stick it wholesale down the front of my shirt to avoid absorbing more broth than my mouth.


Considering visiting my life on upcoming vacation during the holidays. Wish you were here.


It's not that it was a good day so much as that it was a great night.

in our last episode... | p_i-logs | and then, all of a sudden...

It was around 12:20AM or so. I was heading back to my car after visiting friends at their apartment. When I see it.

It was a lovely Siamese cat. A traditional siamese, (IE, that has the coloring but doesn't look anorexic). It looked young; slightly smaller than the usual size Siamese grow to be. He looked at me with his beautiful blue eyes, but didn't run away....

I knelt down and called to him... He came right up to me and meowed a couple of times, rubbing against me, allowing me to pet him and purring happily. He had no collar, but was obviously well-fed and well-socialized with people. It was one of the most lovely cats I'd ever seen in my life.

That cat would have likely become mine if I had a way to know for sure that no one else owned him. Or, judging by how sweet that cat was to a total stranger, was owned by him....

So I inserted into my mental to-do list, in big black permanent marker:

  • Get a cat. Preferably Siamese.
I will remember that blue-eyed face for a long time...

If there is anything that should be in a day log, it's whats going on in the world. So for now on, I'll be keeping the top headlines from around the world here. If there are any sources I'm not using that you recommend, please /msg me. Do you know an english language paper in South America, Eastern Europe, Africa, or Asia that updates daily? Let me know please.

Today is a light news day, as half my sources seem to not be updating.

Without further ado, here is today's top news from around the world:

The BBC's Top Headlines:

  • Mosque ready to welcome Pope
    Pope John Paul II holds a mass in Damascus for thousands of Syrian Christians, ahead of his historic visit to a mosque.
  • Israel rejects settlement slowdown
    As fighting flares on the West Bank, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon rejects a key recommendation by a US-led commission.
  • Space tourist touches down
    Looking tired and pale, the world's first space tourist Dennis Tito returns to Earth after what he called a "trip to paradise".
  • Arroyo lifts emergency rule
    Philippine President Arroyo says the state of rebellion, imposed after last week's violence, will end at midnight local time (1600 GMT).
  • Seven killed in Ukraine mine blast
    A methane gas explosion rips through a coal mine in eastern Ukraine, the latest mishap for the country's notoriously dangerous mining industry.
  • Fraud claim in Senegal's elections
    A Senegalese opposition party asks for some results from last week's elections to be annulled because of "massive fraud".
  • Slow body count in Congolese sinking
    Congolese divers struggle to recover the bodies of up to 70 people feared dead after they were trapped in a ferry that capsized.
  • Hollywood looks to actors' unions
    Hollywood producers will turn their attention to actors' unions after agreeing a deal to avert a potentially crippling writers' strike.
  • Monarchos lands Kentucky Derby
    A bumper crowd of more than 150,000 see Monarchos clock the second fastest-ever time in America's biggest horserace.
  • Hong Kong bars Falun Gong members
    Two American followers of the Falun Gong spiritual movement are to be deported from Hong Kong ahead of a visit by the Chinese president.
  • Manila blast 'injures 30'
    About 30 people have been injured in an explosion at a crowded shopping mall in the Philippines, reports say.
  • Macedonia at odds on 'war declaration'
    President and prime minister appear divided on whether to declare a 'state of war' in the fight against ethnic Albanian rebels.
  • Serbs block Bosnia mosque ceremony
    Serb nationalists in Bosnia-Hercegovina block an attempt to start rebuilding a mosque destroyed during the civil war.
  • Bomb blast in Tel Aviv suburb
    A bomb explodes in a Tel Aviv suburb during the rush hour, lightly injuring a woman, Israeli police say.
  • Iran hardliners blamed for blast
    Iran pulls its diplomats out of the Afghan city of Herat as accusations fly over the killing of 10 people in a bomb attack outside a mosque.
  • Afghan refugees offered hope
    UN refugee chief Ruud Lubbers tells Afghans living in a makeshift camp in Pakistan that he will work to improve their situation.
  • Ranatunga silent on match-fixing
    Former Sri Lankan skipper Arjuna Ranatunga refuses to answer questions by International Cricket Council investigators.

The New York Times' Top Headlines

  • U.S. Scientists See Big Power Savings From Conservation
    Scientists at the country's national laboratories say that enormous amounts of energy can be saved if the government actively promotes conservation.
  • At Home, Mexico Mistreats Its Migrant Farmhands
    As the Mexican government presses to improve conditions for Mexican laborers in the United States, many say the plight of migrant workers in Mexico remains unheard.
  • Opening U.S. Sugar Program Is Free Trade's Final Frontier
    Both refiners and consumer groups are criticizing the government's sugar program, which has led to high prices and overproduction.
  • Cameras Are Being Turned on a Once-Shy Spy Agency
    The C.I.A. is now working with film makers, television producers and writers, in an effort to get out what it calls the truth about the agency.
  • For Chinese, Bliss Is Eternity in a Suburban Grave
    In a reminder that demographics can shift for the dead as well as the living, thousands of Chinese families across the nation are searching for a better future for themselves than the crowded inner-city cemeteries where they have long buried their dead.
  • On a Diplomatic Mission, the Pope Begins Visit to Syria
    President Bashar al-Assad of Syria welcomed Pope John Paul II upon his arrival in Damascus as the first pontiff to visit Syria.
  • Monarchos Sweeps to Derby Victory
    Monarchos romped to a four-and-three- quarter-length victory over Invisible Ink to record the second-fastest time, 1:59.97, in the history of the Kentucky Derby.
  • In Israel, Panel Urges Settlement Freeze and an End to Terror
    An international committee has called for an Israeli freeze on settlements and a Palestinian crackdown on terrorism as a prelude to the resumption of peace talks.
  • Poor Region's Governors in Colombia Unite to Oppose Drug Plan
    Six governors have organized into a formidable political bloc that has harshly criticized Colombia's central government on a wide range of issues.
  • Right Moment Awaits President-to-Be in Indonesia
    The Indonesian presidency seems to be hers for the taking, but nobody knows if Vice President Megawati Sukarnoputri really wants it.
  • To Weather Recession, Argentines Revert to Barter
    As Argentina muddles through a recession with no end in sight, bartering is making a comeback as an improbable safety net for a forlorn middle class.

Asia Daily' Top Headlines

  • Lankan HC takes up programmes to mark Vesak
    Buddhist monks in Colombo, Sri Lanka, to celebrate the birth, enlightenment and passing away of Lord Buddha. Traditional Buddhist cultural programmes will be presented in the evening, including Buddhist devotional songs and a display of Vesak lanterns.
  • Executions rise to 500 in China
    At least 500 people have been executed in the first month of China's "strike hard" campaign against organised crime. Meanwhile, the London-based human rights group, Amnesty International, has condemned the crackdown for its political overtones. Each year, China executes more people than the rest of the world combined.
  • Bangladeshi Intrusion Jolted India
    Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee said Saturday that an armed intrusion by Bangladeshi troops across the country's northeastern frontier last month caught his government by surprise.
  • China Gets First 5 of 7 Gold Medals
    China has swept the first five of seven gold medals at the World Table Tennis Championships, the latest two on Saturday in the women's singles and men's doubles.
  • China Press Revels in U.S. Loss
    Chinese state media and pro-government experts on Saturday hailed the loss of the United States' seat on the top U.N. human rights body as a rejection of U.S. attempts to bully other nations.
Following on from yesterday's efforts, today we went to get some mortar. And some other bits:
  • mortar (for building the wall at the front)
  • trowel (for applying mortar)
  • two 6'x3' fence panels (to fix the fence at the back)
  • fence panel clips
And then some plasticiser for the mortar on a second trip. All sourced from Wickes.

I should point out, none of this started until about 11.30am. Both of us were somewhat the worse for wear after having a few tins last night.

But the front wall is now finished and looks very nice. (I can say that as I had nothing to do with it!) I hope it doesn't rain and wash the mortar away. There's no coping stones on the top, yet.

Tomorrow - being the Early Spring Bank Holiday in the UK - I guess we'll get the fence done. I hope.

General uneasiness and skeevy feelings. I woke unwilling to face the day, but got up anyway. Bad omelets and burnt bean-water for breakfast. It's cool and sunny out; the sky like a fresh sheet.

Last night I got rather drunk on Svedka vodka and managed to make everything go away for a little while. It was nice to be around friends. I remember sitting in the bathroom and having a short conversation with God, but I can't remember what I asked him. I woke feeling like by brain had been removed, swathed in cotton bandages, and then replaced. Nothing feels right.

Thankfully, I don't get hangovers.

I've grown really tired of this cycle of work and worry, this slow burn that holds onto your attention without ever really slapping you in the face. It's the worst sort of feeling, a quiet gnawing at your guts, the back of your head. I keep telling myself this is no way to live, but that doesn't change much.

It's the loneliness that will get you. The depression breeds antisocial tendencies, contained resentment, unexplained mood swings. Believe me when I say I didn’t used to be like this.

I know this will pass in time, and my loneliness is just a chemical imbalance and social disease. I have so many acquaintances...

I still have Beautiful Girl, who is more patient with me than anyone has ever been. She tells me that today she is power-washing a tarp in her new bikini. The local teens keep walking past very slowly. I miss her.

Things will get better. This is just a bad day. My hands are shaking.

They can't shake forever.

The friends that I do have tell me I'm unique. One of God's own prototypes, never planned for mass-production. That's a good thing I suppose. Four years ago a friend of mine, a pretty girl named Lauren who I had a mild crush on, told me that I reminded her of one of the Velociraptors from Jurassic Park. When asked how she said it was the way I moved my head, the way I walked. Last night I was told I resembled a large bird.
I don't see it, but people are entitled to their own perceptions. It's amusing to hear stuff like this.

I'm not really writing anything at this point, just jotting things down for posterity, I suppose. The day is still young, perhaps I'll have more to write about later.

Memory of last night: I am looking in the mirror and begin to giggle uncontrollably. When asked what is so funny, I respond "I'm much more handsome when I'm drunk."
Why can you never find an ice cream van when you need one?

The good weather we've been having this past week has prompted me to find some healthier ways to get to uni. At the moment, I walk down to the subway, wait up to 5 minutes for a train, spend another ten to fifteen minutes on the train, and a few more minutes to walk to a lecture theatre.

I got on my bike, for the first time this year, and cycled to the west end. It couldn't have taken more than 25 minutes. It wasn't even a particularly taxing route, either - other than the traffic on Paisley Road. What I don't quite understand is why you're not supposed to cycle over Bell's Bridge, or the covered walkway from the SECC to Exhibition Centre station. They're both sufficiently wide to allow several bikes and several people to pass each other, and you can see people coming from far off.

I was also a little annoyed by the lack of frozen confectionary vendors in Kelvingrove Park, after a couple of passes I went to the Botanic Gardens instead and found a van at the bottom of Queen Margaret Drive.

Since I was so close, I paid a visit to Murano Street to see if any of my friends were there - Roger was, and looked hugely confused for a whole minute after opening the door for me, since I was probably the last person he was expecting.

New Simpsons and Futurama on tv tonight, this be good.

Mobile noding spree today: Drunken text messages, Sending mail from my cell phone, text message, sms
Few people will see this node, and yet I am not upset.

I graduated from college today, a concept which has yet to sink in. For one thing, I'm coming back in the fall to start my master's degree in literature (what else does someone with a BA in literature do?). Secondly, well, I suppose it just seems so unreal, that the last four years have gone by so inexplicably fast.

I have a general sense of angst--ennui. What a shock. Graduates have felt this way for at least thirty-four years. (At least none of my parents' friends hit on me today.) I don't quite know what I'm doing for the summer, I don't know whether I'll get an assistantship at the university (whatever forces, dark or light, which do or do not rule the universe, HELP!!!), and if I don't, I need to make $2000 really quickly.


Like I said before, I got a raise last week.

Plus the government gave me close to a thousand dollars for a refund. This either has to do with George Bush, or me working a shitload while being a student. I probably fucked up my W2 or something. That was great anway, I've been thinking about some ways i could waste the extra cash. Here's what I'd like to buy in no specific order:

camera lens
more plants
another girlfriend
a body
passion about something
the ability to quit the DenDen in some sort of dramatic fashion.

That's all i can come up with at this point. It's still in the works.

Here are some things I'd like to do without the help of Money:

fall in love
stop hating myself
enjoy life
be able to play the guitar (specifically some Swedish Death Metal)
stop working all the time to avoid life.

I hung out on Friday night at alix's house. Some new people showed up. They were friends of Michele's and apparently everyone emphatically hated them. Grr. I hang out with people that talk shit about people all the fucking time. So, you automatically know they're talking sht about you behind your back all of the time. To of them were single girls, and I thought they were pretty. I'm excited about new people appearing in my life, and would be interested in something happening with either of them. Now, fast forward to the next day when all anyone can talk about is how much these people suck because they can't finish a beer. What the fuck...

I'm excited that Kevin's leaving and I can live without being put down for anything I do, but I am desperately in need of something else in my life...some sorta change.

While I was in Long Beach, one of the most... philosophical thing I have done was eating one of the MREs I have bought in the morning.

I see what everybody else saw in the beach -- sand, the ocean, the tides. And I was content. One of Metacognizant's friends were amazed that I can eat the pasta (with vegetables and tomato sauce) inside a securely-sealed plastic bag. And I topped it off with pound cake.

Too bad nobody bought over a boom box - I had a big CD collection handy anyways. I had a few albums from the Squirrel Nut Zippers, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and Madness.

Deeahblita skated by the gathering of noders, and gave her usual talk with Infinite Burn about oral sex. All I can do is wince and envy them. They're nice kids, and I have to keep up with them someday before I go to The Big Scrap Heap in the Sky.

Went to Long Beach. Well, took the train to New Brunswick, got a ride from dmd to Long Beach. Met Metacognizant and tons of other cute little noders. Also met Meta's non-noder friends Astrid and Amanda. Hung out on the beach, then in the food place, the parking lot, dmd's car. Eventually, we had to go home. Dmd drove me back to NB, and we talked about The Wheel Of Time and stuff while I waited for my train.

Had more fun than I've had in a long time. Noders rock.

Finished reading the 7th book of Amber, started on the 8th.

So, I wrote this on the 8th... is that why it's been shit upon?
My partner-in-crime, eroticbetty added this writeup about Marilyn Manson on this day. It got killed, violently, and only because a bunch of e2ers seem to be icky Trent Reznor lovers. She hasn’t noded since. PS I like the word “cuntish”.

Marilyn Manson

(person) by eroticbetty
Reputation: minus infinity

How sad it must have been to attend high school with disproportioned earlobes, a pre-pubescent body and an insatiable craving for sex. How traumatic to have your father threaten to take you to a prostitute because of expired hope of actually ever receiving that sex. How disturbing to, after receiving that long awaited sex, discover that the most obliging town slut has given you crabs. And how embarrassing that in a fit of panic you should turn to your mother in this time of need to have her blame your STD ownership on those 'darn tanning salons' that you were recently forced to attend in attempt to eradicate the tragically pussy acne that has recently bloomed on your not-so-attractive head.
Marilyn Manson was not a lucky boy, and yet through all adversities he has created a very public name for himself; some rather fine music; a wardrobe of ass-clinging sparkly delicacies and a league of bible bashing, rake wielding, gun toting, roadkill devouring Christians just waiting to do the pretty little man in.

I would like to take this moment to inform the likes of sine23, Trepidity, and anyone else who may choose to partake in their ludicrous beliefs; that Manson does not, has not, and never will need the assistance of the excessively loathable Trent Reznor (a more cuntish being we are yet to endure.) Some seem to be under the impression that it was Reznor's (aka 'the intensely ordinary man') assistance in producing the album that was the deciding point in Manson’s career as a musician. And whilst some may remain under the disillusioned opinion that it was Reznor's input that somehow *miraculously* saved the day, the demo tape that was received was deemed as "quality listening”; it was the over-worked production that had left it lacking in substance. Reznor simply remixed the thing and produced a better quality sound as opposed to what had been previously created by an inexperienced producer. So please, lets not allow ourselves to be fooled into believing that the intensely ordinary man is of any worth; he is a hideously self righteous man, who has obviously taken credit for something he clearly only played a minor role in. So lets pause to consider the following:
If Trent Reznor was the responsible party for the fame which Manson has acquired, then why, pre-tell is Marilyn Manson one hundred times bigger. Greater. And just plain old more bombastic, than Nine Inch Nails could ever even conceive of being.

Words we believe eloquently describe Trent Reznor:
Proud, deluded, cliché, painful, butt ugly, croony, insipid.

It concerns me how misinterpreted Brian Warner actually is, I think he is even perplexed to what he himself has created. So often is he mistaken for some Goth evangelist freakshow, when in reality, beneath the layers of shimmery eyeshadow, whoreish women's lingerie and shockspasm persona, Brian Warner is a sad little boy who just wanted some artistic recognition. In regard to sine23’s comment on Brian being ‘intellectually barren”, I would like to announce that upon finishing high school he became a proficient journalist and has since written a novel. So there.

His recent relationship breakup with Rose McGowan has left him at even more of a loose end than ever; so much so that in a moment of obvious desperation he has agreed to date Dita von Teese; a repulsive, C-grade fetish pornstar. Even a man as physically hideous as Manson can surely expect more than this.
It would appear that even presidential members would delight in giving the poor boy hell; after hearing of Manson’s publicised support in a recent campaign, President Bush responded to his kind words with "thanks but no thanks." It really makes you wonder why the poor boy would bother any longer doesn’t it.

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