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I don't remember much, but this is how much I do:

One fragment: I think I was dreaming about dreaming. Or something.

Another fragment: Something about Baldur's Gate.

Yet another: This was in chatterbox. And all was quiet... Then, break said something in Finnish. I thought he had meant that to me as a /msg, but no, he said that aloud. When I reloaded, I saw my reply in Finnish (it was something pretty silly). I thought "no, wait, I didn't said that!", decided that someone had gotten ahold of my password and had to change it. It took damn long time to get to the user edit page, and I wake up before I had a chance to change the password...

We (I don't remember who were the others beside me) were in a boat in high sea trying to catch a gigantic jellyfish and put it into some kind of case that somehow resembled one of those guitar cases that are not the harder nor the softer kind, with a zipper; only this one was much bigger.

Somehow we managed to catch it and put it inside the case. I vaguely remember our concern with filling the case with some sort of liquid substance (maybe water) to help preserv this jellyfish alive.

The trip back to the shore was somewhat tense, one of the people in the boat seemed to be a professor that was obsessed with the jellyfish in a maniacal way.

On the shore, I noticed another person that was with us, it was Otavio Mesquita, a famous TV twit in my country. We dragged the case and put it in a car (don't ask me how).

We were driving in a city now, trying to take it somewhere. We pulled to a curb, and as i noticed some unwanted people (that shouldnt know about the jellyfish), i quickly carried it alone and hid it behind the bushes of one apartment building's garden. The case was now about the size of a computer, so I didn't have trouble carrying it. When i came back to the car the unwanted people was talking to the people in the car, when they saw me, they tried to sell me some cocaine. I was tempted for a second, but didn't accept it(in awaken life i don't even like cocaine). When they went away, I got back to the bush, and grabbed the jellyfish case again. Before coming back to the car, I went to a convenience store, carrying it. I was looking for something in the store that would help to keep the jellyfish alive. There was a clerk girl that told me that when she had a jellyfish, she used to trim its flailing uhm.. what do you call those hair-like things that hangs from underneath some medusa jellyfishes? Well, to trim 'that', you get the point...

I didn't feel like hurting the jellyfish, so I didn't do that. After leaving the store without getting anything, I went back to the car, and we noticed it was dead and starting to rot.

I don't remember if we still carried the case from this point on, or if we threw it away. The only thing I remember now is getting behind the wheels and driving aimlessly around the city.

I think it is possible that the gigantic jellyfish in my dream appeared because of my last night reading of the 3rd book in The Illuminatus! Trilogy, Leviathan. The last lines I read before collapsing into sleep were when the crew aboard the golden submarine Leif Erikson were pulled by Leviathan, a gigantic sea monster.

Dreaming of Charlie

I arrived at Cambridge University (or what I thought was Cambridge University - in hindsight it looked suspiciously like the back of the local school) for an aptitude test of some sort, when who do I see except a dirty small dark haired teenager I know - Charles Woodcock. "Charlie!" I call out: he looks at me, and smiles as I run over. We get chatting and we discuss the test - I haven't had much experience in them, only regular exams and the one that got me into King's. I fumble in my pocket and feel a large keychain: it's the key to the room I stayed in at Durham University, an enormous green fob with a number on it. I laugh, and say I'll have to post it back. Suddenly, a large plane flies overhead, and I imagine that it's a nuclear bomber (knowing full well it isn't) and lose the dream.

I walk downstairs and ask if any low flying planes have come over... my father shakes his head...

Sometime last night, I dream that I am on a small sailing boat that docks at some village and I disembark and find ourselves in a small pub where I have the house special, a pint that is equal parts whole milk, seltzer water, and imperial stout.

The strange thing is (aside from the ingredients of this beverage), in this dream I was accompanied by my current girlfriend, when I had visited the Cinque Terre with my former.

At some point this week, I shall try this beverage (one cannot ignore such inspiration) and post my review. In the meantime, /msg me if anyone out there knows what it is called.

Today I fell asleep in my multivariable calculus class.

I dreamed about falling asleep in calculus class and that the teacher called on me to answer some question. I picked my head up and got my eyes open far enough to see the gobbledy-gook on the board and made some random guess that was wrong, but I didn't care. Then my head began to sink back toward the desk and my eyes started drifting closed. Then for some reason, I looked at my foot, which was right by a pipe (in the middle of the room...a pipe! how to know this was a dream). Smoke started rising from the section of pipe by my foot. I watched it waft it's way up to the ceiling where it passed right by the smoke detector. But the detector didn't go off. Then I looked at the pipe again. Now it was starting to emit a flame that looked like a blowtorch and then got bigger and more candle-flame like. I tried to pull my feet away, but they were really hard to move. It caught part of my tennis shoe on fire. Once I got my foot out of the way and blew on my shoe a little bit I started trying to say that there was a fire. I did eventually say it.

And that's when I woke up. It felt really wierd to sit up in math class, because it had felt like I was already sitting up announcing that there was a fire. Luckily I hadn't started talking about the fire in my sleep. But the teacher was talking about the same thing in real life when I woke up as she had been in my dream.

We had a sizeable earthquake in the Pacific Northwest - where I live - maybe a month or so ago. It was the first one I had been through in quite a while. At the time it happened I was in my apartment on the third floor of a very old building (built in 1912). Suffice to say it really freaked me out.

Ever since the quake I have had a recurring dream. It's very simple: I am in my bed sleeping (in the dream as well, as well as in real life) and I realize another earthquake is happening. I feel my bed shaking. I feel the building swaying from side to side. I have a terrible feeling that this time the building will not withstand it, but I cannot wake up and get out.

I've had this dream about 6 times. Sometimes the details are a little different. One time I remember thinking, "This is the best place to be, here in bed. If the building falls I will hang on tight and the mattress will cushion my (three story) fall."

The last time it happened was the strangest. In the dream my body was still in bed, but my sense of sight was racing around the building. I could see in between the walls, where pipes were bending and bricks were cracking. My sight raced down till I was looking at the foundation and watching it crumble.

During a nap in the middle of the day, I was vaguely conscious that I was sleeping. The dream follows...

I woke up groggily and looked at the clock. 4:00 p.m. I had left AIM runing on the computer, I supposed that people were looking for me. Sure enough, everyone had sent me an instant message saying that my boyfriend was looking for me. So I sent him an IM as well telling him that I had just been taking a nap.

i8cheezwhiz: Hi Mike, it's me. I was asleep. You were looking for me?
de Rookie: Teddy just died. Mike S. is really sad about it.
i8cheezwhiz: Wow, that's weird. In class today two other girls were talking about how their cats had just died too.
de Rookie: Yeah, that's pretty messed up. I have to get back to work now though.
i8cheezwhiz: I think I'm going to go to campus and get something to eat.
de Rookie: ok.

I put myself together and started walking to school. Somehow I found myself in a small restaurant with some people from school. I ordered a Coke and suddenly the lights went out. The management told us that there was a thunderstorm and we should all stay inside. That made me angry because everyone in the restaurant was smoking and I could not breathe. So I ignored them and went outside, where two girls were crying near a minivan. I asked them "what's wrong?" and they told me that their cat had just died. What was it with all these dead cats? I continued walking toward campus and found myself next to a guy I work with named Ben. We did not talk at all. Instead, I got out my cell phone and called my boyfriend at work.
"Mike, are we going to Mango's tonight?"
"No, I am very busy and Serben is too upset about his cat to do anything."
"But it's already 4:30! I don't have time to cook!"
"Don't worry about it. There's Panda Delight take out still in the refrigerator. That's almost Thai food. We can go to Mango's another time."

But I had gotten to school so I ended the call. We ended up at the food court in the University union. Ben ordered a Big Mac and New Coke. I opted for a cheeseburger and orange soda. I was still a little out of it from getting up so quickly, so I kept running into other people and things, but mostly I was running into Ben. I was scared that he would think I was trying to flirt with him, so I apologized. However, he did not seem to mind at all. They called our order number...and then I woke up into reality.

Never even got to eat the cheeseburger.

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