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Howcome there is a link to tomorrow in July 3, 2000 if tomorrow does not exist yet ?

Are these questions to ponder, or is this a very smart way for JeffMagnus to link all his daily writeups together ?
I love the daily statistics roundup ... except that I never see myself as online user.

Perhaps I should think of a way to add daily value to the daily writeup...

So here's my second daily writeup ... and I'll guess I'll start with the BIG news first: today is the first day of the rest of my life - in other words: school's out for a big long summer ___ uhm ... not a holiday, cuz I'm still working on my internet startup, and that eats all my time :-)

Oh life is wonderfull today ...
  • NO more evil dentist docters (though no more lovely densist assistents either)
  • great weather - though wonderfull on a first holiday day, but it has inmense negative side effects on my business (cuz that still won't run if I'm hanging out on the beach - eventhough I have this way cool laptop-GSM combination with me).
  • Oh and last but no least (very evil): it's such wonderfull weather that my mom asked me to help her do the garden - ARGHH - especially cuz I could not say no.
OK folks, that was my 2nd try at spilling my rants about my daily activities here on E2 ... more tomorrow ? Who knows ... perhaps the bedbugs will bite me tonight :-)

02:19 UTC

What a weird existence I inhabit, compared to the average. Not that I'd want to be average, but... It's 3:19am local time (BST), and not only am I noding, but I just put down my mobile phone, having been called by a friend on his lunch break.

Before I go to bed I think I'll plan what to do when I get up later today. I don't think I'm going to get to sleep too easily. On top of the things I failed to get done today - that would be the waking period day as opposed to the solar one, both of which fail to overlap particularly much - I'd like to:

Hopefully I'll be more productive later on, or at least more fulfilling. I feel a lack of satisfaction on how today/yesterday has gone, nothing much has really happened, and although I've done some stuff, I feel I could make better use of my time while I've still got so much of it.

11:52 UTC

Well, it's today in two senses, and tomorrow in two. Today in that I'm writing about the same day that I wrote about before on this node, July 4, 2000, and in that it's on the same 24hr day in UTC. But it's tomorrow in that it's now past midnight BST (British Summer Time is UTC + 1), and also in that I've slept since the above writing. I've decided that it's best to node about the day I'm noding about on it's entry, whether it's technically yesterday, today, or tomorrow, and call the waking period day the day, unless I feel otherwise. Bah, complications of obscure sleeping schedule

Anyway, I forgot totally about the doctor's appointment, being reminded of it only now. Also forgot about PHP mostly, deciding just to try out WML instead. And empire was a foolish idea; I didn't have time to start reading the rules. However would I find time to play it?

OTOH, I did do some stuff on my website, beaneater.org.uk, including using The GIMP to make some poor pictures for it. Still, I consider it better than some websites around - it's not too graphic heavy or anything, and is minimalistic. But I suck at graphic design! I mean, I can and have wibbled enough text for a reasonable website many many times - each website of which has been quite poor, and probably not visited by anybody - but each time I've torn it down to start over, as I've changed too much since I started writing it. I think my last one might last for longer, if only because I've made an effort to make it easy to update, as well as navigate, and am going to keep a broad smattering of stuff there. When I get round to it.

Secondly, from today: July 3, 2000, I managed to do stuff too. I arranged a driving lesson for tomorrow:July 3, 2000, and phoned the DVLA to see how long the latency is for tests. I also managed to get phoned by my employer (ok, a bit passive accomplishment) for these summer months, to go in and see him tommorow. Seems he's finally got round to giving me some work, hopefully at least. Great, some money, and something to do. Something interesting too, as it's programming Perl, working from home. Fun.

Hmm. I think I'll tick off another of yesterday's, reading The Language Instinct, before I go to sleep. Or shall I node? Okay, just one more node can't hurt...

I don't know how he does it, but I'm just really f#$*ing glad that he does. Most of the time I don't even mention how I'm feeling or why or the thoughts that are going through my head, causing me to be sad, or sort of confused and upset to a point. I think he just knows, even if he doesn't actually know, just what to say and when.. when to lay on the sweet stuff, when to say something really funny. All I can think is, where was this boy all my life, besides in my thoughts, near constantly before I even knew he really existed.. I have but one thing to say to him, among a billion others that will come in time.. thank you, for everything you've done, especially for the things you aren't even aware of.

I don't know where I'm going, I've even less of an idea of what the hell I'm doing at all, and up until about half an hour ago I cared. Now I'm just laughing. That would be his fault.

Tomorrow.. I have to actually do something, force myself into it. I have been slacking off so hardcore terribly that it is no longer even slightly amusing. Who am I kidding, it's hilarious that I've managed to do absolutely nothing real important (in society's/my parents eyes) for at least half a year now. I've done every last thing I've wanted to, and NOTHING that they wanted me to do! Actually I've not done everything I wanted to.. I've done nothing, but that was the thing I wanted to do the most. I've just been writing, that's it, reading and writing and nothing else. Take that, life, take that. Eventually I'll become a worker drone, sooner than I'd like to.. actually by the end of this month. Oh well.. I have a feeling it will all work out.

I can laugh. After all the things that went through my head today I can laugh, and smile, and I don't even care anymore, I'm happy.

Damn. Life is dreamy.

Update: Well, it's about 4pm in the afternoon at this point, just finished arguing with my sister again about the same things we always argue about. She tells me I'm 'mooching' off my parents (though she's doing the same only worse), and acts really hypocritical. Tells me I'm worthless and the like.. it would bother me more if she wasn't so infinitely stupid about everything. She gets very jealous of my best friend too. Not sure what to do about that.. she acts as if I'm not paying enough attention to her because I tell my best friend everything rather than her. The problem is, my sister is just like I was at her age, she's very judgemental and close-minded. It took me until about 17 (and had met some dreamy little humans) to realize how stupid that way of thinking is, and I don't imagine she's about to change her mind anytime soon either. Oh well. All I know is I'm tired of fighting with her, I told her she should be an elitist Christian1 because she has such a holier than thou/hypocritical attitude. I've also started calling her Reverend Kate. Ah well. What're you going to do? Live with it 'til I move out, I suppose.

1 - I've nothing against Christians, just the ones that are militant and think they're better than everyone else.
Today, or rather tomorrow, anyway the 4th of July is demo day for me. I am a bit worried, but I have done all I could. I hacked DTML. I wrote to the Zope mailing list.
Maybe I even found a bug in the implementation.

I set up an alternate server, in case the main big Sun machine should decide to blow a processor, as it has already done in a couple of occasions.

Our content director, Miss Fairfinger is busy pasting HTML that came from unknow sources. The new Lesser Kahuna is learning HTML tags. The graphic designer boys look bone-tired.
The former Lesser Kahuna, the Big Kahuna and all his courtesans will be there tomorrow, including the three people he actually listens to.

I am tired. Yesterday I suddenly fell asleep in the middle of the afternoon, despite the coffee and the Mexican elections excitment.
By the way, Vicente Fox Quesada has won with a large margin, something nobody expected. The ones that less expected it were in the now-ex-ruling party.

My sister should have, by now, completed her high school finals. Now she gets to agonize over which university to go to, which would admittedly be an easier choice if she knew what she wants to study.
I do not have a pair of clean pants for tomorrow. I love running the drier at 3AM.
More random thoughts ... today the drill demons were working in faraway parts of the building. Probably they will stumble on a power line tomorrow, in the worst possible moment.
Today I noded a bit. Progress is slow, but people seem to like what I write. I am getting to know other noders, mostly through their works. I am still recovering about the misunderstanding with dem bones on napalm sticks to kids. We disagreed on parsing, of all things.
Anyway, I like the hamster people, ideath, General Wesc, ApoxyButt, mat catastrophe and Deep Thought. I like many more, but right now I am too tired to be fair, and anyway nobody gives a damn about whom I like, right ?
And DMan, when he is off drugs, wrote some damn good nodes.

The demo went well, the servers did not tank midway. BUT, the Big Kahuna did not give us money (or rather, did not extend our budget to cover the forthcoming hiring expenses), which means that we are still in a limbo, project-wise.
The other Goosefood Project people went to celebrate, I went back to the backlog from my other job, running with an iron fist the Long Haul division (didn't I tell you ? I have two jobs and a half, but only one salary !), sent some seriously bitchy email about certain sucky web pages, and prepared for the axing of about one hundred stupid, forgotten, bloated, currently useless accounts, totalling almost 400 Megs on our unhappy servers.
I have discovered that Ramstein is perfect for writing pissed-off email. It brings out the bastard in me, not that it takes much effort.

Drill demons are at work again. I expect to be spiked to my swivel chair any moment now.
Today I leave early (relatively ... just 1900) so that I can see my SO and watch a movie. I hope we do not fight. What with my demo-mode recently we have been pretty unstable. But I am tired...

I wanted to see the fireworks for I don't know what reason. Tradition makes me sick and it's tradition I associate with these happy-happy 4th of July festivals with their crackling explosives and their "oohs" and "ahhs." But I really wanted to go. I was both disgusted and controlled by this emotion. So I tried to go...I tried and I failed. As we drove away from the park, leaving the patriotic music to orchestrate the festivites and people we had left behind I felt so wrong. I wanted to distance myself from these people...these things, but part of me wanted to stay. The feeling evolved. It was such an empty feeling...I wanted to drown myself in the happiness the others were enjoying. I got home and it went away.

I don't feel depressed. I don't feel happy. I don't feel.

Thank you, America, for killing my emotions.

Oy... a complete lack of anything to do. My friend is here right now, and my sister is on my "client" machine (okay, the two computers are both servers logged into each other, whatever the hell works, don't knock it), otherwise, my friend would be severely owned in Action Half-Life. I'm gonna yank my 3dfx board out of my upstairs (compaq )machine so that I can at least get a framerate downstairs... but then I'll be running on a cheezy built-in aging ATI Rage 3d upstairs. it's a compromise, what with the texture problems I've run into, but the sis 530 that's downstairs. that block of cyber-ballast can't even RENDER IN 3D! (wow, thnx best buy, for that delightful "3d accelerator" that came with my PC... and the damn thing disagrees with X too!)
O strongly want two computers of my own. less interaction with my family. I love them... but they're always getting in the way of the computer.
I wanna play action half-lfie. Damn, I'll have to go downstairs and install beta3 again before I can install the new patch, before he and I can play...
I'm still recovering from a bike accident... I as going downhill, when I had to hit the brakes due to an oncoming car... just my luck, the front brakes seized up on me, flipping the entire fifty-pound, 20-year-old racing-style mountain bike, and throwing me to the ground. I came up dazed, confused, and okay, imo, but the paramedics that were conveniently located off to the side decided that they had to immobilize me and send me off to a hospital. The board they sent me on was hard as a rock, and was making my ass hurt, and the pressure they were using to 'immobilize my neck' was giving me one hell of a headache in the frontal lobes. I had to wait for two hours, then wait for the x-rays, then wait as they took my x-rays, then wait as they reviewed my x-rays, then I got stitches on the right side of my face, just to the right of my eye. It perfectly compliments the stitches I got on the left side of my face, above the eye, for ramming a wrought-iron table as a wee kiddie. That was july the second, I believe... I didn't know the date (summer vacation) until the nurse asked me for it, and had to tell me the date herself... it's now the fourth. I had my hair washed by my dad (can't trust me to do it, heaven forbid, I might get the stitches wet!) and the right side of my face is swelling up, and will be driving me nuts shortly. I'll try to rub it until my hands become covered with antibiotic cream and i'm forced to shoot myself. With water, of course.
Not much going on... just got the new ahl patch that brings it to compatibility with half-life or whatever the hell they call it. I got a new mod today, "Goldeneye", which kicks ASS. as a big fan of the orig. n64 game (which, not owning an n64, i was forced to play only at my friend's house) I'm happy with what they did to it. I can only hope that they make some mission-objective-style missions (like the Assault missions in unreal tournament). I'm tired, my eyes are sore... and now explorer is crashing on me.
Damned windows TCP networking... i was trying to get ICS working on my aptiva (downstairs) but it as all to no avail... I have no clue why, it was working fine before...
I hate windows networking.
parents calling, have to vacate computer area... gotta see what they want... I hope that I'll be trusted with some fireworks when the time's right. also, I want some black powder and ping-pong balls... another time.
Yours painfully,
The Relayer: LiquidSnake
looking back on this, damn, my summer life sucks.
i gotta find something better to do than node and read Tom Clancy. I'm already over 400 pages through Red Storm Rising... which i started after school got out... damn.
update: I got both comps up and running, got AHL installed/working on each... but now i'm downloading my openGL drivers for the ATI Rage PRO that is soldered onto my upstairs' motherboard... if I'm lucky, it'll add transparency... because, well, it really blows when my entire screen goes blue underwater.
I'm still bored... i'm up to page 500 in Red Storm Rising. Damn, Clancy must be anti-Communist!
I tried showering despite my wounds... it worked, and i'm now a clean snake. I'm still kinda miserable, but my ranting from last night kinda helped cool me off... now, i've just got to wait a few hours for the damn drivers to download. I want to play half-life. Maaaaan... I'm going through withdrawl. My friend, when he came over, brought over his N64 and Goldeneye... he owned me, and I owned my brother, and my brother owned the "Where's the Armor? Where's the Ammo?" awards.
Happy birthday, USA! I love my country for its potential, for its best qualities, but I recognize it (i.e., its leadership) has serious flaws. Not being a leader myself, I can only vote and pray.
Today (TUE): First noding in... wow, about a week. Meadowlands Fair with Mom, Dad, sisters and husbands and kids. (Color me Poseidon.) Fireworks in Lyndhurst.
Yesterday (MON): brought recyclables to City Hall drop-off. Laundered colors and blacks. Bought a Snapple lemon iced tea at the liquor store next to the (un-air-conditioned) laundromat; resisted buying beer, cider or lottery tickets. Enduring Issues in Psychology keeps me amused. Dinner at Mario's: antipasto, mussels, pizza, fried calamari, coffee, ice cream, Sambuca. More Sambuca at Pam's house, and we gossip about the sexual orientation of our childhood friends.
D - 2 (SUN): Went to church with (sister) Kim & her family. The kids always seem so thrilled to have me along in church. Genesis 18:1-8. Mom gave me her double bed to replace my single bed since she got the queen bed from Dad's house; I have also inherited a coffee table and an end table. If I have to have an end table, I'm glad it's octagonal. HMM3: "Crag Hack" campaign games. Flatmate leaves for 9 days in Florida.
D - 3 (SAT): Got home from covering 3rd shift quality control at ~6AM. Played some campaign HMM3. Philly Phrolics registrar returned my call! Yay! Took a long nap. 3:30PM: Nephew's 8th grade graduation party/summer barbecue. Weather could not be more perfect. I leave around 8:30PM (twilight) to get some much-needed sleep.
D - 4 (FRI): 1 hr late to work. Called (last-minute) to register for Philly Phrolics, but the registrar's answering machine message was like "the answering machine is on vacation, you have reached the refrigerator. Please leave a message and the smoke alarm will return your call as soon as possible." Back to work to cover for the 3rd shift lab technician at 11PM. Sprayed a house centipede with MEK.

| Dizzy->Day_Logs() | >>>

Ahhh! Independence Day!!

Yes, that's right guys and gals, today three years ago I moved into my own house. Hooray for debt!

Somewhat more seriously, if you are living with your parents right now and you're considering making the break to freedom - Do it. Do it now!

Yes, you too could have money worries, too many chores, food shopping and an obsession with clean bathrooms! On the upside, I went from a neurotic, obsessive paranoid to a confident neurotic, obsessive paranoid.

Very seriously, my confidence blossomed when I moved out. My relationship with my Mum got better and I just felt plain better. I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

happy birthday usa

today i am a walmartian. i had to buy loose fitting dresses. the thought of wearing size 12 jeans right now is out of the question. they were already getting too tight. ugh, i'm putting on weight. i'm also still bloated from the surgery. at times it still hurts like the dickens -- namely when i move or breathe. heh. but still. i'm going to drive to virginia and take part in a 4th of july cookout. i'm not going to stay inside anymore. no way.
ophie Glad to hear you're up and around! My family tells me I had the same surgery (recall very little of it though) Surgery at 9 am they said and I demanded to go home at 3 that afternoon. Hubby says I was up doing yard work 6 days afterwards. I'm sure it's the CO gas that's causing the fat and bloated feelings.

Met my father for lunch this week at The Terra Cotta. Always one to spoil his daughter, it was delightful! One of those places where the waiter takes command of the table. Squaring my purse away and re-setting the silverware with precision, the cheapest sandwich on the menu was $17.50. ( I peeked, mine didn't have prices) I has the Chicken Tacos on a bed of black beans. The tea was flavored with apricot which neither one of us cared for. So I asked for and the waiter recommended an expresso with brandy and kalua. It was quite delicious! Daddy always has good taste:)

Dad was telling me about a family reunion some relatives had from the Smith side of the family. That's where his middle name comes from, he's called Smitty by his family. It's from his mother's side of the family. Her motherKitty Bishop died when she was 26 of unknown causes. A family quest has been underway for quite some time to find her grave. Bless my aunt for doing a geneology on our family, it's been facinating. At this reunion they commemorated Kitty's two brother's who fought (one died during the war)in the Civil War. One family had two sons and sent one to the Confederacy and the other to the Union hoping to ensure that the family line would go on no matter what the outcome of the war was. I was intrigued by the idea that they would put allegiance to family ahead of allegiance to country.

Have a Happy and Safe Independence Day!

Don't forget to be kind to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!
- Hebrews 13: 2


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sabre23t: Random Nodes

sabre23t: Nodes to node

I slept, I talked ,hungered ,ate ,drank
,talked ,walked nothing of much intrest there, but
a)it was a good day with a pleasent feeling
B)i spent three hours with two of my
friends singing beatlessongs ,one of them on the keys
and and the other and me singing.
It was fun.

Including yourself in the E2 mailing address registry may actually result in receiving mail!

There has been alot of talk about the sending and recieving of postcards and other miscellany from fellow Everythingians for various reasons. I remember when my homie Sarcasmo was offering to send a postcard to whoever requested one from our fine hometown of Chicago, and liked the idea. I didn't feel it appropriate to include myself in his postcard mailings, as I felt it should be reserved for connecting with others whom are far away and whom he didn't see in person on a relatively frequent basis.
When I came across the Everything Mailing Address Registry node I eagerly signed up, not actually expecting to be noticed or written to. My write-up was actually voted down at first for reasons I cannot understand. However, low and behold I actually came across a mysterious postcard in my mailbox yesterday from our fellow noder Segnbora-t. As much as getting unexpected mail tends to make one's day, imagine the joy of getting something from a noder you've never met and who lives across the country? It made me glad.

Yet another holiday that I've minimally celebrated, or not celebrated at all. Oh, well, it's okay, really, I have more important things to think about. Life's a lot complicated at the moment. And I think we're going to go up North and check out north Oakland. It just seems like the best choice at this point. Maybe I'll reapply to Berkeley in the winter, but right now I just want an apartment!

Other than that, I'm working on my paper doll project, reading a little Herb Caen, and poking about the WWW looking at potential jobs and apartments.

I came across a poem that I like and strikes me well just now, but I don't feel like noding up Su Dongbo today. Here's the poem, though. It's about a thousand years old.

Spring Night

Spring night - one hour worth a thousand gold coins.
Clear scent of flowers, shadowy moon,
Songs and flutes upstairs - silk threads of sound.
In the garden, a swing, where night is deep and still.
i see a title in a bookstore window
that might be poetry or social theory
two young people are sitting in an idling car
facing forward
suddenly he turns and touches her face
and she smiles
they're not as young as i thought
but that's fine.

i'm thinking of every time i saw your smile
and wished the world would end that

. . .

The rain comes and goes capriciously, and loud. There are sporadic fireworks well after midnight.
It started before I went to bed. It continued intermittently throughout the day until just after midnight at which time there were still thunderous fireworks booming somewhere in the Mission District San Francisco. At that point I wrote the last of my first 16 nodes. Blissful and addled by the comings on of a new addiction.

Anyway, some details from the day which I will come back and link later (I am currently making myself late for work). I made french toast for Danielle, my girlfriend. That went pretty well, and I scrambled up the remainder, cuz there's always some remainder when you make french toast.

I'm working on a play, but I'm avoiding working on the play, it's a long story, or a story at least, I need to face it and give it a good rewrite, cuz it's being put on in the fall and I guess they need to rehearse it beforehand!?

I'm also performing at a dada festival this upcoming weekend, and I have to finish my piece for that. I like it and I need to remind myself that just because the first draft is good doesn't mean I should rest on that--good is okay, polished is good, and then there's a level after that, but I just have to find the concentration and direct the magick power of obsession on that, cuz I obviously have it within me.

We went to El Cerrito for a BBQ, but first we went by Aquarius Records, cuz we were getting a cd gift for our host. Of course I bought 2 things there, becuz it's the most amazing music store in the world. Imagine incredibly hard to find music in the used bin to say nothing of what they have used.

El Cerrito is in the East Bay. We brought a BIG piece of MEAT, more bigger and more MEATy than anyone else at party combinged (heh). It was good.

we came home on BART and saw some fireworks on the way. it was nice. And we read old sci-fi on the BART train--is it wrong to give my girlfriend geeky tendencies?

Last but not least, let me just say that I'm super freakin' happy & proud, cuz I got two writeups Cooled yesterday. It makes up for list of really really bad ideas which no one seems to like. I guess I didn't articulate it well. I have to go now.
Weee, the 4th of july.

Too bad this city has an extremely enforced law about fireworks. So, the only fireworks we could see were down at the colleges, which was OK by me. Parents went out and about to downtown to see what there was to see. Apparently half of claremont was down there. My girlfriend came over, which surprised me, as normally both of our parents are vehemently opposed to us being home alone at the others house. Fine by me. We hung out, ate lunch, etc. Mom called, commented on how long it took me to answer, so i told her we were outback having lunch, which is what we were doing. So hrmph.Then when she was through telling me how we were missing all the fun, and had said bye, i said "Ok, bye mom, we'll go back to having sex now", listened for the begining of her response, hung up, and went out back to finish my sandwhich.

Later that day...

Ok, down at the football field to watch the fireworks. I got stuck pulling the little red wagon. But my dad had put huge tires on it, so it was NBD. We staked our claim, and held fast. Land goes quickly. Then we went and got food. Burgers were pretty good, i think it was Lions Club who was cooking them. Went back for a Dove milk chocolate ice cream bar. The kind thats on a stick. Parents got a Snickers ice cream bar. icky :) So we hung out there for awhile until the fireworks were nearing starting. Then we layed down, and got cozy under a couple blankets. Once it started getting warm under the blanket it was nice. I felt all cuddly. And her warm hand (she had 2 blankets to my one thin one :) on mine felt really good. So we watched the fireworks, then sat there looking at each other.

Then we dropped her off. It was a fun day. :-)
The worst day of my life, several reasons. The day after the truth came out in regards to my relationship with my girlfriend.
For awhile, I was afraid that she would leave me because of this. We had told each other there was nothing left between us. That we had told each other everything there was to know. However, this was not true. I had lied to her about a lot of things and it was time for me to pay.
During this time, we were away from each, she was back at home for the summer and I was home for the summer. This meant that it was not a face to face talk when the truth came out, but over the phone which is never a good thing to do.
I learned my lesson that day, always be true to you word. The true is still the best even when it hurts.

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