We are in open enrollment for health insurance in the US. Meaning that they all are going up in cost and they are cancelling plans and offering new ones. And advertising: pick a plan right for you!

What the hell does that mean?

It means that all of the plans exclude things. Oh, well, aromotherapy.... that's what you are thinking if you are not a US citizen. Of course the plan doesn't cover aromotherapy or crystal healing or fringe treatments....

Well, no. I had to choose between two plans when my daughter was 17, that is, two years ago. I could choose the one that covered cancer OR the one that covered pregnancy. Uh, yes, that is correct. One EXCLUDED pregnancy and the other EXCLUDED cancer. For me and my children.

Which would you choose?

My mother died of cancer at 61 and my sister at 49. And my daughter was observing boys at Mock Trial, on the Mountain Bike Team and at the Robotics Club, but she was observing only.

So we picked cancer.

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