BrevityQuest. We want your writeups, 300 words or fewer.

  • The quest starts Friday, July 3, 00:00 and ends Friday, July 31, 23:59 E2 server time.
  • We're looking for well-crafted fact or fiction, both poetry and prose. New writeups only.
  • Post as many submissions as you wish. It is okay to post hidden writeups if you prefer.
  • Quest entries should be labeled as such, and a /msg to confirm is welcome.
  • Bounty will be awarded at 10GP per writeup. A panel of mystery judges (applicants welcome) will do mysterious judging things. Lord only knows what the result will be.

Need some inspiration? Check out the BQ submissions listed in BrevityQuest11, BrevityQuest12, and BrevityQuest14. Need some counting? Check out the E2 Word Counter.


The Winners

Factual: Smallsword by Clockmaker
Poetry: Here her lesser words were freed to tumble by etouffee
Fiction: Waiting for the number 48 bus, holding her breath by Zephronias
Series: City Magic by chord
Humor: Invite someone dangerous to tea. by Zephronias

  1. Sicambri by Clockmaker
  2. willingness to touch a turtle by moeyz
  3. Roman sandals by lizardinlaw
  4. Total eradication by artman2003
  5. Francisca by Clockmaker
  6. That's not a bug, that's a feature! by relentless
  7. Fewmet by Tem42
  8. Waiting for the number 48 bus, holding her breath by Zephronias
  9. Liquid Distortions by NFM
  10. Augean stable by lizardinlaw
  11. Buried family by lizardinlaw
  12. Dan-ah Kim by Tem42
  13. Hera Pheri by relentless
  14. July 3, 2015 by lizardinlaw
  15. William Hobbs by Clockmaker
  16. Gone With The Blastwave by Dustyblue
  17. Alphabet Poem by relentless
  18. alphabeasts by lizardinlaw
  19. pumpernickel by Clockmaker
  20. alphabody by lizardinlaw
  21. The Hollow Sound of Dark Beating Wings by Zephronias
  22. July 5, 2015 by lizardinlaw
  23. Smallsword by Clockmaker
  24. Omega Research Foundation by legbagede
  25. New York City: What Nonna told me on Sunday by Chord
  26. Atomic Robo by Dustyblue
  27. The Angel Jar by Zephronias
  28. you can't escape from God on a Sunday by moeyz
  29. 2008 Zimbabwe Elections by realplayer
  30. Flynning by Clockmaker
  31. He said, Shi said by artman2003
  32. New York City: What Nonna told me on Monday by Chord
  33. Nasal pleat by Tem42
  34. The Beach Chair by moeyz
  35. Invite someone dangerous to tea. by Zephronias
  36. Thinking I could do it by myself and learning I couldn't. by moeyz
  37. Carry on, my wayward son by artman2003
  38. Neither here nor there by relentless
  39. impacted crop by Zephronias
  40. New York City: What Nonna told me on Wednesday by Chord
  41. Look of disapproval by gnarl
  42. Smoke sky by lizardinlaw
  43. Ned Ludd Lives Forever by Clockmaker
  44. God Damn Robot, Episode I: The Phantom Mess by artman2003
  45. Hitchhiking in the late 70's by moeyz
  46. July 9, 2015 by lizardinlaw
  47. A Christmas Carol by gnarl
  48. Lori Jauntal's Little Friend by Zephronias
  49. puro by ralenys
  50. New York City: What Nonna told me on Thursday by Chord
  51. Free Music Archive by Dustyblue
  52. Dragon Ball Super by relentless
  53. Microbiome Dating Service by lizardinlaw
  54. Baked Pig by artman2003
  55. New York City: What Nonna told me on Saturday by Chord
  56. Jake from State Farm by Pandeism Fish
  57. The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters by Zephronias
  58. Jesus and Mo by Pandeism Fish
  59. we will tear the world apart until it is nothing but fragments, and meaning will cease by moeyz
  60. RAS Syndrome by Tem42
  61. The broken magnets in their heads all point to him by Zephronias
  62. The rain wash clean my soul by moeyz
  63. Forward New York by Chord
  64. UNIX Russian Roulette by relentless
  65. Amish quilters aren't arrogant after all, I reckon by fool4luv
  66. Do you know how to get to Sesame Street? by moeyz
  67. O Uommibatto by Clockmaker
  68. Fallacy of relative privation by Tem42
  69. Informal fallacy by Tem42
  70. Hermione Granger and the Goddamn Patriarchy by Pandeism Fish
  71. 90482 Orcus by Tem42
  72. The revenge of the ESRB by TheAnglican
  73. Golden Corral by TheAnglican
  74. On being left-handed, the ocean, God, and more than one toothbrush by moeyz
  75. Thought For The Day by moeyz
  76. July 17, 2015 by lizardinlaw
  77. Grawlix by Clockmaker
  78. July 16, 2015 by moeyz
  79. Kung Fury by Dustyblue
  80. SIG Trailside by The Custodian
  81. Carry On by TheAnglican
  82. 7.5x55mm Swiss by The Custodian
  83. Walk This Way by relentless
  84. Warren Mitchell by TheAnglican
  85. Love lives in honesty, yet we get all dressed up and move in darkness. by moeyz
  86. Six Word Stories by realplayer
  87. Polandball by TheAnglican
  88. bee rumble by gnarl
  89. July 23, 2015 by lizardinlaw
  90. I know them by the trucks they drive, the names they call each other, the tattoos on hot, shirtless days, the music they blast after lunch, to get through the rest of the day. by moeyz
  91. Street Lamps, Constellations and Her by FlavouredMilk
  92. The Theft of Memory by moeyz
  93. Here her lesser words were freed to tumble by etouffee
  94. Nipsy by Tem42
  95. Lignum Vitae by Tem42
  96. Danish pie by lizardinlaw
  97. Rhubarbe kage by lizardinlaw
  98. Fallout shelter by The Custodian
  99. On mixing up Vs and Ws by relentless
  100. Ten thoughts while cleaning my refrigerator by moeyz
  101. As the crow flies, or as the road winds, I promise you, I will arrive by FlavouredMilk
  102. Emotional labor by lizardinlaw
  103. Tree That Owns Itself by Tem42
  104. waiting for his arms to fold like wings around her by moeyz
  105. How I used an optical illusion to become marginally more attractive to the opposite sex by museman
  106. Die Antwoord by BIII
  107. The one at the top doesn't need to understand the mountain by BIII
  108. Today in the Emergency Department by museman
  109. Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished by BIII
  110. Windows 10 by drownzsurf
  111. Growth Mindset by Tem42

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